Thursday, March 6, 2014

Local Artist to Display at Historic Bear’s Mill Art Opening

by: Mark Blackford

One of only fifty working water-powered mills left in America, Bear’s Mill in Greenville, Ohio is a popular area destination for many reasons – the historical significance of the mill itself, the beautiful scenery of the surrounding natural areas, the freshly milled grains available for purchase and the relaxing special events hosted by the mill on a regular basis. One such event, an Art Opening housed within the walls of the Mill’s gallery, will be kicking off on March 28th with a reception from 6pm-9pm.

Darke County resident and fine artist Michael Glass, whose artwork will on display during the Bear’s Mill event, brings a unique approach to his art with stunning results. His current works, mostly landscapes and still life’s, are created using a method he refers to as abstract pointillism. “The paintings are created by dropping most of the paint onto the canvas. The canvas usually sits on the ground. There are many layers applied and hours of drying time in between layers. Some paint is applied by brush later on in the process.” explains Michael. “The driving force behind my art is exploration. I like letting the paint go. It hits the surface and does what it wants. The unpredictable nature of this technique always leaves me asking – what’s next? It’s exciting, raw and immediate.”

Michael Glass
Although the artist’s name may not be familiar to you, some of his other projects may be. At Christmastime, you can find him creating elaborate scenes on the windows of local establishments, such as The Coffee Pot in Greenville and Francis Furniture in Sidney. He also currently serves as the Senior Designer at Winchester, Indiana based SilverTowne, so many of his graphic designs can be found online and in nationwide magazines. Learn more about the artist by visiting

Also featured at the Bear’s Mill Art Opening will be glass blown creations from Glass by James Michael & Co. of Dayton, Ohio. Master Glassblower James Michael Kahle describes his artistic approach on his website as: “Glass making is a spiritual experience, one that I become absorbed in. I can work for hours at a time and be so deep in concentration that my trance is broken only by cracking a piece off and putting it into the annealing oven.”

Visitors to the Art Opening will be able to hear the artists speak briefly about their work during the opening reception on March 28th at 6-9pm. Come by the mill to hear the artists discuss their creative processes in their own words – you’ll gain a new appreciation of everything that goes into the creation of these works of art. The Bear’s Mill Art Opening will remain on display through April 20, 2014. Find out more by visiting:

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