Monday, March 3, 2014

St. John Lutheran Church to Hold Ash Wednesday Service

Lent 2014 begins on March 5. As is well-known by Christians across the globe and across the ages, Lent is the time of spiritual preparation for the celebration of Easter. The season of Lent is nothing new. It dates from 311 A.D. when Christianity became legal in the Roman Empire. The forty days of Lent are a reminder of Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness of temptation, Moses’ forty days on Mt. Sinai for the receiving of the Ten Commandments, and the Israelites’ forty years journey to the Promised Land.

Again, in keeping with the example of our ancient ancestors in the faith, St. John Lutheran Church opens the Lenten season with an Ash Wednesday worship service on March 5th at 6:30 P.M. The palms from Palm Sunday last year are burned to provide the ashes for imposition on the foreheads of the faithful this year. Again, nothing new, this sign of repentance is mentioned by the Church Father, Tertullian, early in the 3rd century.

You are sincerely invited to join in this holy night as the way is pointed to Jesus, the Cross, and the empty tomb of Easter. St. John is located at 7418 St. Rt. 121 N. Greenville. Call us at 548-5404.

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