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DAYTON, Ohio – Versailles blood donor Jack Magoteaux was a man on a mission St. Patrick’s Day morning, March 17. It had been exactly eight weeks since his last blood donation and he was about to spend the next five weeks on a business trip. But he had just enough time to squeeze in his milestone 190th lifetime blood donation with a quick stop at the downtown Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC) before heading to the airport.

“I’ve been giving blood for 35 years,” said Jack, a dedicated whole blood donor who has made the majority of donations at mobile blood drives near his home in Darke County. Because of his business trip he would be missing the free homemade soup in the Donor CafĂ© at the Versailles Rotary Club “Souper” St. Patrick’s Day community blood drive.

“I had to cancel my appointment in Versailles because I’m heading to the airport today,” he said. He was born and raised in Versailles, but his work training outside sales personnel means long stretches of travel. “I’m flying to Dallas on business,” he said. “Two weeks in Dallas, then one week in Chicago and one week in Los Angeles, then two weeks at home before I have to head out again.”

He’s already figuring his next donation into his calendar. “Today is eight weeks to the day,” he said. “I try to donate as close to eight weeks as I can.” Jack’s sense of commitment is clear when he’s asked if he remembers his first donation.

“I sure do,” he said. “It was when my daughter was born. She needed open-heart surgery when she was seven days old. That was 35 years ago, 1979. She had heart surgery in Cincinnati. She used 12 pints of blood. The whole family came in and donated and replenished it in one sitting. I appreciated it so much I never quit.”

His daughter Melanie is now married with a baby of her own. Jack continues to donate for all patients and families in need, wherever they may be.

“There’s no substitute for blood,” he said. “My first goal was to donate 10 gallons. Now it’s 25 gallons.” He’ll reach that goal with his 200th lifetime donation, which he expects to accomplish in less than two years. “When I hit 25, I’ll keep going,” he said. “Goals are made to be broken. I’ll never stop.”

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