Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Are gun silencers a good thing?" - A Guest Post from Charles and Rebecca Reier

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Are gun silencers a good thing? The largely Republican Ohio Congress seems to think so based on their House vote of 74-13. With guns available everywhere in the hands of virtually anyone, are silencers in the best public interest? Had silencers been readily available what would have happened at Columbine, Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, the theater in Colorado, various college campuses and whole host of other public shootings ranging in hundreds of tragedies? The impetus for this accoutrement to violence, which has been outlawed in the United States for over a century, comes from a lobbying group named American Silencer Association. The lobby group and the drafters of this bill will assure you that the public has nothing to fear because they are designed for “hunters”. It will allow them to hunt in residential areas without disturbing nearby neighbors.

Is that a good thing? If a hunter is in your backyard or a terrorist in your church or movie theatre, don’t you want to have an opportunity to hit the dirt and fight back after the first shot has been fired? Silencers will deprive you of the Constitutional and God-given right to protect yourself and community.

Remind your Ohio State Senators who soon will be voting on this bill to vote “No”. Should they fail to do so, they will carry the burden of a tragedy extended by the use of what Ohioans have always considered a tool of the underworld and criminals.

Charles E. Reier MD
Rebecca A. Reier

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