Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Bright US future? – Autism, ADHD, Obesity, Recreational Marijuana all on the rise." - A Guest Post from Charles & Rebecca Reier

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Can anyone seriously believe that the United States, in spite of its potential, has a great future with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Obesity, and recreational marijuana on the rise and thereby diminishing our workforce and further burdening the medical care system? Will this group of people, whose numbers are rapidly increasing, be capable of providing for themselves and helping in the reduction of the mounting national debt?

Fortunately the future is not nearly as gloomy as it would appear. Socially aware Corporations are finding that autism can contribute to a job skill! Many of those labeled as autistic are perfect for jobs requiring precision and debugging software (WSJ: Companies Find Autism Can Be a Job Skill 03/28/2014). Thus autism is not necessarily a liability or medical impairment but simply a variation of human genetic expression.

Regarding the ADHD explosion, there has been no neuro-scientific basis for the diagnosis (ADHD Does Not Exist by pediatric neurologist Richard Saul MD). As a result any child that is bright, rambunctious and bored with an educational diet designed for the lower half of the class can receive this damaging pseudo-medical diagnosis at the drop of a teacher’s pencil. These pedagogs, after having made the pseudo-medical diagnosis, can coerce physicians into prescribing Ritalin and other drugs. Ritalin was discovered over 60 years ago and has neuro-chemical and long term effects that are not totally understood to this day. Many individuals with these characteristics, left untreated and unimpaired by a derogatory label and the adverse effects of a toxic drug, have become national leaders.

Unfortunately the bright glimmer of light stops there. The schools, whose most popular lunch counter for decades has been the profit making snack machines, have led the way in producing a generation of junk food addicts. They are subjected to the temptations of their addiction every moment of the day. One can turn their back on heroin, but cannot escape food. Day by day this group becomes less employable, and places an ever increasing burden on the healthcare system. If any one thing causes the Affordable Healthcare Act to fail, it is more likely to be obesity than Republicans – although they would prefer to receive credit for the event.

Medicinal/recreational marijuana (THC) very easily could be the anchor that drags progress in this country to a stop. Multi-millionaire and billionaire venture capitalists are investing millions in an attempt to steal this trade from low level drug dealers by cleaning up its image. They have plans to steal this multibillion dollar trade away from poor people that often use it as their only means of support. This event will be accomplished the same way that the “numbers” game has been taken away from the Mafia and legitimized by state control. Casinos, once limited to Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada and controlled by the criminal elements from the Mafia and Cosa Nostra, are now owned by multibillionaires capable of seeking private conferences with our Congressional leaders and future presidential candidates.

Two states, Washington and Colorado, have volunteered to be the Guinea Pigs in this dangerous social neurochemical experiment. Twenty other states and Washington D.C. have legalized and thereby legitimized THC by allowing its consumption under the fraudulent label of “medicinal marijuana”.

As we watch these unbelievable events cascade before our eyes, we vow to fight the forces to the end. Advice to parents: build a social Noah’s ark and get your children and willing friends on board. Have confidence that you can accomplish this end. A very useful tool is described in an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Can Faith Rewire an Addict’s Brain?” – new evidence shows that “God consciousness” can keep young people off drugs and alcohol.

Charles E. Reier MD
Rebecca A. Reier CRNA
Greenville Ohio

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