Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fairboard Update on Beef and Dairy Barn Project

April 22, 2014 – Greenville OH

The Directors for the Great Darke County Fair are pleased to announce that the fire investigation team and all outside, interested parties attended a joint evidence exam session on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 10:00am regarding the December 27, 2013 fire loss.

As a result of that session, the Fairboard has regained possession of the area, allowing the Fairboard and Insurance Company approved demolition contractor to begin the cleanup project on April 23rd. Three weeks have been allotted for the cleanup, but it is possible it can be completed in two.

The Fairboard continues to work with Bruns General Contracting, Inc. regarding the final details of the new building design and construction. The Fairboard submitted the winning replacement bid to the Darke County Commissioners. The Darke County Commissioners have also submitted the bid to the structure insurance carrier for evaluation for like/kind/quality.

After getting the final response from Insurance carrier, the Fairboard will move forward with the Beef and Dairy Barn Project in a careful, cautious and expedient manner with the goal in mind of having the structure up by the 2014 Fair.

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