Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Cow Barns are Gone... For Now...

If you've been by the fair grounds in the past few days, or have been following The Great Darke County Fair on Facebook, you've seen that the fire ravaged structures that formerly served as the cow barns have been in the process of demolition and being removed to make way for the construction of new barns this year. The fair board has expressed a desire to have the new barns up and functional for this year's fair.

The fair board shared the photos below on Facebook. Top left was taken before demo started, top right after day 1, bottom left after day 2, bottom right after day 3 and the bottom and final photo after day 4. 

It's a little overwhelming to think of how many people have passed through that relatively small piece of land over the years, and it's a little exciting to think of how many more will do so in the new structures for decades to come.

Source: Darke County Fair on Facebook. Click to enlarge

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