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Date: August 7 – 10, 2014
Facebook: US127 Yard Sale - Ohio

GREENVILLE, OH - The US 127 Corridor Sale started in 1987 and ran for 18 years from Covington, Kentucky to Gasden, Alabama. In 2006, several counties in Ohio including Darke County jumped on board and this year, the 27th anniversary of the “World’s Longest Yard Sale,” at least one community in each of the counties along US127 are joining in the fun from the Michigan border to the Ohio River. The dates for this year’s event are Thursday, August 7 through Sunday, August 10.

The concept of a continual yard sale is simple, pull people off the interstates and back into the heart of our land, rural scenic America. There are hundreds of attractions along the route which provide enjoyment for the entire family. Whether it’s rolling hills, beautiful scenery, river boats, covered bridges, toe-tapping music, arts & crafts, farms, fishing, boating, hiking, bits of Civil War and Indian history, racing or baseball… there are many opportunities to enjoy the beauty and culture of the land along the 127 sale route.

Once established, the end result is lots of fun for vendors and shoppers alike. We have all heard the saying, “one man’s junk is another man's treasure.” This old adage holds true as these events bring people together from all across the country to barter and haggle over things that may have been stored in garages or attics for years.

For the eighth year in a row, Darke County will be a hot spot for vendors and treasure seekers. Thousands of people participate in the sale each year as vendors. A front lawn may be turned into a showcase as items are displayed. Off road parking is essential, and many of the homes have this space. Visitors should honor requests of "No Parking" or "No Trespassing" posted by families not participating in the sale--cars can leave deep tire ruts on a soft lawn.

As the sale developed, a vacant field, at a good location has proven to be an excellent place to rent as vendor space. This yields a cluster of sellers at one spot and reduces the stop and park routine of the buyers. Such areas can be spotted from a distance because of the activity. Community parks, such as the Darke County Steam Threshers’ York Woods, are proving to be ideal for a grouping of vendors, as good parking and restrooms are available.

“People come from near and far to participate in this event,” stated Deanna York, Executive Director of the Darke County Visitors Bureau and founding member of the Ohio 127 Sale Coalition. Folks come from all across the country by car, truck, motor home or plane. Some fly in, rent a car, travel the route and ship the newfound treasures back home. Some pull a trailer behind a truck, park the trailer somewhere and run around in the truck seeking items. Pulling a trailer will often limit the places you can visit. A large vehicle may prove to be a problem on this two-lane highway. Traffic congestion is part of the annual phenomenon to be endured, but the chance of finding a treasure lures them on. Many visitors plan their vacations around the sale event, with some traveling the entire 690 miles. Others may opt to spend their time in a selected area, and venture off the beaten path to discover the history and charm of the land.

Whatever the mode of travel you may choose, please do expect plenty of traffic. The pace may slow to that of snarled rush hour traffic. It may be bumper to bumper with everyone stretching their neck to see what is on a seller's table or in the front lawn. Do expect sudden stops to occur without warning, and drive carefully and defensively. Enjoy the spot wherever you are, because down the road a few miles may be a space where no vendors are set up and the traffic will move along as usual. You are here to enjoy the sale and most of the other vehicles are too.

Some book hotel rooms a year in advance. A few weeks prior to the sale date, most of the hotel rooms are taken. Bed and Breakfast type lodgings do a brisk business during this sale, with most any type of overnight lodging being filled each night. Some visitors to the sale try to find lodging when and where needed. Some find cancellations, some go up to fifty miles, to the right or left of the sale route, to spend the night. Some even sleep in their car. However, these are considered small inconveniences in light of the excitement of finding the deal of the day & anticipation of a big shopping spree.

Many visitors plan their vacations around the sale, with some attempting the entire 690 miles. Others may opt to spend their time in a selected area, and venture off the beaten path to discover the history and charm of the land.

The Darke County Visitors Bureau has received phone calls from folks coming to Ohio from Canada, California, New York, Illinois, Florida and North Carolina to join in this adventure. “We are very pleased with the response,” stated York.

Locally, The Johnson’s from Marysville have traveled to Kentucky and Tennessee for the past seven years to partake in the sale. This year, they are thrilled to be staying in their home state of Ohio to enjoy this event. Mrs. Johnson found the information on Facebook very helpful in plotting their trip. The Ohio page is US127 Yard Sale – Ohio on Facebook.

A few dislike the snarled traffic associated with the sale, but all must admit, the sale is good for the economy along the corridor route. Locals sell their crafts, accommodations are filled, restaurants are crowded, and those renting vendor spaces also add to the local economy. Those who want to break away from the sale are encouraged to visit the local attractions.

For information on accommodations along the route, go on line to

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