Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chi Gung at the Library

Jesse Berry from Young Forest Martial Arts Academy will demonstrate and discuss the Chinese art of Chi Gung (Qi Gong) on Thursday, October 2nd at 6:30 p.m. at the Greenville Public Library. Chi Gung is a practice for aligning body, breath, and mind for health, meditation, and martial arts training. It’s traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance chi (qi) or what has been translated as "life energy".

The program, which is taught by Jesse at Young Forest, will consists of still and moving Tai Chi and Chi Gung meditations that promote optimal health and vitality. Jesse has over ten years experience teaching and training in all areas of martial arts. He also gives lectures and seminars on the history and philosophy of the traditional and the modern.

About 15 years ago Jesse was looking for a martial art for his daughter and found a kwoon (school or dojo) in Eaton Ohio. He began studying Kung Fu himself and in ten years became a master or Sifu. His academy teaches both Kung Fu and Tai Chi/Chi Gung for people of all ages. He is currently chief editor of an online martial arts publication, Tea Warrior, www.teawarrior.com, and is in the process of publishing a novel on martial arts and tea culture.

Young Forest Martial Arts is located at 120 West Third Street, Greenville, behind the Blue Lantern Tea Shop. The tea shop is also owned and operated by Jesse & wife Kim and carries a wide variety of artisan quality teas from around the world as well as tea ware, jewelry, soaps, and more. See www.bluelantern.com.

Jesse explains “Our objective at Young Forest is to teach children and adults character development and life skills through martial arts - as a way to help build strong families and strong communities. It all starts with the individual.”

Many patrons enjoyed Jesse’s traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony last winter - which the Library will host again this coming January. Come and enjoy another enlightening program and learn about the possibilities offered from Chi Gong! See www.youngforestmartialarts.com.

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