Friday, October 24, 2014

Cancer Association of Darke County plans annual Gospel Sing November 9, 2014

The Lemon Family (Mike, Lori, Julie and Kari)
Nancy Livingston
The Gospel Sing is a free, nondenominational concert to be held at Saint Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville, Ohio on November 9, 2014 starting at 4:00 PM. A freewill offering will be taken that afternoon with proceeds to go to the local cancer association.

Several groups are scheduled to sing, so please watch the newspapers and online news weekly for specific details.

Two of the groups scheduled to sing are and Nancy Livingston and The Lemon Family.

Nancy states “I can't imagine life without music. I was born into a musical family and inherited not only a love for hearing it, but a love for singing it!

I began performing music in public at the age of 21, with my husband, Dennis. We performed at various venues, singing a mix of country, big band, and pop. Our music took us on the road from 1981 to 1985, singing all over the Midwest. I had begun to write music in 1978 and was blessed to have worked with other writers in Nashville for several years. While my songs came close to being recorded by major artists, as they say...close only counts in horseshoes.

In 2000, Dennis decided to put his full time in farming and I continued to sing in local venues, which I enjoyed. However, because something happened to me earlier, in 1995, an added new and exciting direction was brought to my musical endeavors. I became a Christian!

At a point in my life where personal struggles were at an all-time high and my life seemed pretty much worthless, I called out to the God I had denied all my life. Within seconds, I experienced a mountaintop conversion from an atheist to a born again believer. Knowing the Savior is my greatest treasure. He has seen me through each and every storm, the greatest being the loss of my husband Dennis in January of this year. Dennis isn't really lost, of course. I know exactly where he is! Dennis' faith was an inspiration to me

I love to sing songs about God and His love, but I still love music of all styles and love to share the gift of singing to all people. Heartache, joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure ....all of life's experiences are wrapped up into mere minutes called a "song". Those experiences are necessary. All life experiences are designed to draw us to the One who gave them to us and can deliver us from them!

The Lemon Family is once again very excited to perform for this year’s Cancer Society Benefit concert. Lifelong residents of Greenville, they enjoy giving back to their community whenever possible.

Mike continues to work at BASF in Greenville and is also an independent consultant for Lightyear Wireless, a communications company. Lori works for Whitewater Eye Centers, traveling between their Greenville and Richmond locations. She is also the music director/organist for St Paul Lutheran Church in Greenville.

Kari graduated from Ball State University in December, 2012 with a degree in music education. After spending her first year teaching with 2 elementary schools in Connersville, Indiana, she is very happy to be back in Greenville teaching 7th and 8th grade music at Greenville Junior High School and helping at South Elementary. Kari also directs 2 choirs at St Paul Lutheran and helps co-ordinate youth events for the church.

Julie is a senior at Ball State University, majoring in counseling psychology with a minor in criminal justice. Her goal is to work with youth, but exactly in what capacity is still unknown. Julie is also very involved in a Dance Marathon project at Ball State, which raises funds for Riley’s Children Hospital.

The Lemon family continues to sing together as much as possible, which is normally weekly at their home church or out and about if their schedules allow.

More singers will be listed next week for the Gospel Sing.

All proceeds will go to the Cancer Association of Darke County, 1111 Sweitzer St, Greenville, OH, which serves cancer patients in Darke County only. The association partners with United Way and is not affiliated with the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life or other organizations. There is always a need for volunteers. Please call Christine at 548-9960 if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions.

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