Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reid event to offer Affordable Care Act insurance information, signup

An Affordable Care Act (ACA) information and sign-up event will be offered at Reid Hospital from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Dec. 10, hospital officials announced.

At least two insurance companies are offering insurance plans in the ACA marketplace in 2015 that are contracted with Reid and Reid physicians, said Chris Knight, Reid Vice President/Chief Financial Officer. “This is great news for our communities, since in 2014 we were not included in the marketplace plans offered in our region. We are pleased that our residents now have options for coverage through the marketplace.”

United Healthcare and Assurant Health are both listing Reid in their ACA plans for 2015, based on existing contracts they already have with Reid and Reid providers.

“We are pleased to be participating in the Marketplace Exchange with these two partners that have entered into our community with very workable plans,” said Craig Kinyon, Reid President/CEO. “This is a welcome addition to many families in our community and is another helpful solution for those that do not have affordable options for health care insurance coverage. In addition, Reid has increased our resources to the uninsured in assisting them in qualifying for traditional Medicaid, the Marketplace Exchange and Reid Patient Assistance. In 2013, Reid provided $65.1 million in write-offs for the uninsured, and we are projecting that this amount will be $64 million in 2014,” Kinyon said. In 2014, Marketplace Exchange plans didn’t include Reid Hospital and Reid Physician Associates.

The sign-up event in Lingle Hall will be five days ahead of the first window for getting a plan in time to allow coverage starting Jan. 1, Knight said. It will include Reid navigators, local insurance agents and representatives of the companies offering marketplace plans in the region.

Knight said Reid’s financial services team will also be working with local insurance agents and others in the community to coordinate information and sign-up sessions for community members who may qualify for Indiana’s expanded Healthy Indiana Plan, once the plan obtains anticipated federal approval as a replacement for the ACA Medicaid expansion that was adopted by some states.

“Meanwhile, I encourage people who need to find coverage to talk to their family insurance agent, to one of Reid’s navigators, or attend our event,” Knight said. Reid navigators can be reached by calling (765) 935-8591, (765) 983-3310 or (765) 983-3036.

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