Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Greenville City School's East Intermediate School Principal, Kitty Zumbrink on PARCC Assessments


The second semester began on January 27 and is in full swing with Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing awaiting the fourth grade students in the areas of language arts and mathematics. They will also take a State social studies test. Fourth grade students will take a total of six components of testing- three portions of language arts, two portions of mathematics, and one social studies assessment. In Greenville, PARCC testing will begin on February 17 and continue through March 6. PARCC testing for third grade students in the area of mathematics is scheduled to begin on February 23. This will be the first year that we will test students using technology and not paper and pencil.

Many community members have likely heard about PARCC testing and are encouraged to visit the PARCC website at www.parcconline.org. PARRC officials indicate, “Because the assessments are aligned with the new, more rigorous Common Core State Standards (CCSS), they ensure that every child is on a path to college and career readiness by measuring what students should know at each grade level. They will also provide parents and teachers with timely information to identify students who may be falling behind and need extra help.”

ALL third grade students will take the Ohio Achievement Assessment Reading Portion on Tuesday, April 21. Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee indicates third grade students must meet a minimum score of 394 on the Reading portion of the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA). Students have other opportunities to meet this requirement through other assessments within the school system. Greenville has elected to use the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) online testing as an additional way of meeting this requirement. A minimum score of 184 as determined by the Ohio Department of Education is needed on the reading portion of this assessment in order to be promoted to fourth grade. In Greenville, third grade students have already had one opportunity to take the reading portion of the OAA and two opportunities to take the MAP. These results have been communicated to parents. Students will have one more opportunity to take the reading portion of the OAA and the MAP in order to meet the TGRG requirement. A reading improvement and monitoring plan is currently in place for any third grade student who was determined to be below grade level at the beginning of the year or determined to be below expectations through MAP and OAA measurements.

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