Friday, February 27, 2015

White and Gold, or Blue and Black?

In the last 12-18 hours, any form of social media I'm even glanced at has contained nearly nothing but references to this image, with people arguing over and debating the color of this dress...

Our home is a household divided. Last evening my wife was adamant that the image showed a blue and black dress, while common sense would tell anyone it's clearly white and gold, as my 4 year old daughter (and I) can attest. The funny thing is, at some point this morning, my wife's perception of it shifted. She told me her 'mind melted' when suddenly she saw the image again, but this time it was clearly white and gold to her. Now, throughout the day, the image appears different colors to her at different times.

Since it first appeared, it's been confirmed that in reality, the dress is blue and black (and available for purchase at Amazon UK, where the reviews have already begun reflecting the internet meyham), but something about the way the white balance is set in the image above makes some people's brains interpret the colors as blue and black while others interpret them as white and gold. 

So what do you see? Blue and black, or white and gold?

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