Monday, March 30, 2015

Greenville Couple Have Room With Special View at Oakley House

Ruby and George Edger hold a photo of the plaque which is at the base of the tree dedicated in memory of their son.
George and Ruby Edger have a special view from their assisted living home at the Oakley House on Northview Drive in Greenville. The assisted living facility is just behind the Greenville office of State of the Heart Hospice which is on North Broadway. From their room, they can see a tree at the hospice office that was dedicated in memory of their son, David Edger who died while under State of the Heart care in 2009.

“It means a lot to both of us,” stated Ruby who is a State of the Heart Hospice patient. She is 86 and her husband of 67 years is 88 years old. The two who lived just outside Greenville, moved into the Oakley House a year ago and were originally in another room.

“I was walking down the hallway one day and noticed that I could see traffic out the window of this room,” explained George. “When it became available I asked if we could have it as I knew we could see the tree that was dedicated in memory of our son.” The couple has three surviving sons.

In 2010, David’s significant other, Anita Best, a hospice aide who works from the Coldwater office, arranged a tree dedication at the State of the Heart office. Photos were taken of her along with David’s parents at the ceremony which was attended by family members. When warmer weather comes along, the couple hopes to be able to make a visit to the tree.

Of her hospice care, Ruby stated, “I really enjoy the visits from all of the folks who are helping me. They are so nice and helpful to me.” She particularly enjoys a visit from State of the Heart Hospice Music Therapist Amy Pearson.

“She sings the old hymn “Life is like a Mountain Railroad” which I really like,” Ruby said. “My grandfather always sang that song when he was driving us someplace. It takes me back to those days.”

George farmed much of his life and worked some years in factories while Ruby concentrated on raising their four sons, serving for 25 years as a 4-H advisor and teaching Sunday school. George, a World War II veteran, proudly displays his Army discharge and times of service on the wall of their room.

While State of the Heart concentrates on caring for patients in their homes, the agency cares for many patients in assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the agency’s service area. The nonprofit agency has offices in Greenville, Portland and Coldwater.

State of the Heart is observing 34 years of service to patients and families in eastern Indiana and western Ohio who are confronting a life limiting illness. For more information about any of the services provided by the agency, visit the web site at

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