Monday, March 30, 2015

Rest Haven now has a certified Aroma Therapist

Rest Haven now has a certified Aroma Therapist on staff, offering non-medication relief for many needs at no cost to our residents! At RH, we look for ways to improve quality of life and Aromatherapy is an effective tool in Rest Haven’s “tool box”. Many conditions can benefit from aromatherapy including headaches, enhancing memory, boosting energy, respiratory illnesses, nausea, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, aching joints, muscle aches, calming, insomnia, and more.

Gina Trobridge has worked at RH for many years and is greatly respected for her natural ability to understand and relate to our residents. Specifically, she is wonderful with residents that have dementia and communication deficits, and helps with special need situations. Gina was asked if she would become a certified aroma therapist for RH, and she excitedly agreed! With her new found knowledge and natural ability, she is exceptionally able to add a new dimension to the care of our residents. During her extensive training to become a certified aroma therapist Gina was educated in the proper choice of oil(s). This is based on the condition being treated, the specific medical conditions of individual being treated, and desired outcomes. Students practice and are tested before receiving certification.

The resident, family, or staff member expresses a suggestion for aroma therapy use, Gina then offers it to the resident. If he or she is willing to participate Gina carefully gathers important information, such as reviewing the residents chart for medical conditions that could conflict with the use of oils. She, then creates a “recipe” for treating a specific problem for an individual with an appropriate oil blend and application method. She tries the “recipe” and observes or asks the resident about effectiveness. If needed the oil recipe can be modified for more effectiveness. Aroma therapy is also used during Rest Haven’s spa day in conjunction with massages and foot soaks to promote additional relaxation; while providing an alternation approach to well-being.

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