Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Budget: My Favorite Season of the Year

Guest Column from State Representative Jim Buchy

With the start of every new General Assembly, we in the Ohio House begin by working on the state budget. This process occurs every odd-numbered year with the governor releasing a proposed budget. The Ohio House then works on their version, followed by the Ohio Senate. We then concur on a version of the budget bill, which is submitted to the governor for final approval.

This is always my favorite season in the legislature. As a butcher by trade, I just love to cut, whether that is meat or wasteful government spending. But on a serious note, we have seen revenues increase statewide, and as a result I am for cutting your taxes to keep more money in your wallet.

Expanding our government is a mistake that many General Assemblies have made in the past. There are many necessary programs that will of course need to be funded, but we must be mindful that the money we are using belongs to the taxpayer, and should be spend sparingly.

Governor Kasich’s proposed budget made some major changes, something we are used to from our governor. While these bold proposals seek to make a positive impact here in Ohio, the House will be focused on ensuring that Ohioans see their taxes decrease. We will work hard and listen to the experts to ensure that the end result is something that all branches of the state government can be proud of, along with the citizens of our state.

School funding is a major issue this budget season, and I am working hard to get our schools the same or increased funding from the previous budget. Our schools in western Ohio are the best stewards of taxpayer funds, and I would like to see them receive the support they need to continue their record of success.

Once our committees finish reviewing and evaluating the budget bills, they will be passed and moved along to the Senate. We don’t expect to see any final proposals until we are well into this summer, and I hope by then we have a good plan in place to save our taxpayers money and fund our needed state programs and services so that they can function for the betterment of all Ohioans.

As always, I would appreciate hearing your feedback on this and any other issues in the state legislature. You can complete a survey at

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