Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Deputies say the discovery of improperly discarded needles has risen dramatically in recent years as intravenous drug use has increased. It’s a major problem for officers who have to search drug users and the hiding places in their cars and homes.

Last year, Trash Bash 2014 volunteers discovered approximately nine used syringes/needles throughout Darke County roadways during the two-day event. Offenders often toss out used syringes and needles to prevent being caught in possession of drug paraphernalia while traveling in their vehicles.

As a result of last years needle recoveries the Darke County Sheriff’s Office asked Darke County Solid Waste District for assistance in obtaining proper sharps containers. Solid Waste District Director Krista Fourman coordinated the request. To help assist deputies, Medicine and More Pharmacy in Greenville has provided special sharps containers to be placed in every road cruiser. This will provide for safe disposal of syringes and needles that are found or turned into deputies while on patrol. Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer expresses his gratitude to the Darke County Solid Waste District and Medicine and More for providing these safe receptacles.

Intravenous drug users liquefy the drug and inject it, then frequently discard the syringe and hypodermic needle improperly. Viruses can live on the device and can infect someone trying to clean up the litter if they are pricked by the needle. Syringes and needles are being found with increasing frequency on streets, sidewalks, yards, parks, and parking lots. It is important for citizens to be aware that exposure to communicable diseases can occur through the improper handling of discarded drug abuse instruments.

Syringes and needles are particularly dangerous around small children because the bright orange caps can be mistaken for darts or other toys. The public is urged not to touch improperly disposed of syringes or any other potential drug-related paraphernalia and to call the Darke County Sheriff’s Office at 937-548-3399 or the Greenville Police Department at 937-548-1103.
Disposing of Syringes/Needles

Rumpke accepts “sharps” – or needles – but urges proper disposal.

  • Drop needles into a rigid plastic container, such as a laundry detergent bottle; no water bottles.
  • Seal the cap with thick tape and write “sharps” on the container.
  • Drop the sealed container into your regular trash can.
  • Do not put containers in with recycling.

For more information on the proper disposal of hard to dispose of items, contact the Darke County Solid Waste District at 937-547-0827.

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