Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Winner’s Meats Continue Blue Ribbon Excellence!

Meat processors throughout the state of Ohio convened in Columbus this past month to enter selected products into competition for recognition of the top meat products in the state. Once again, your local, family owned Winner’s Meats proudly came away with five awards! In their respective categories, awards of distinction include First place for wieners and mild sausage, Reserve Grand Champion for Summer Sausage and Innovative Product, and top award of Grand Champion for our Bologna!

The annual Ohio Association of Meat Processor’s Convention is the culmination of Ohio’s meat processors to gather and showcase their products, obtain constructive criticism, and gain new ideas for upcoming products. Judges use various criteria such as appearance, aroma, texture, and taste to base their decisions on anonymous entries. This year’s judges were faculty representatives from The Ohio State University. Included in the weekend convention activities are various seminars touching on numerous subjects from food safety to food labeling as well as large amount of vendors sharing newest spices, equipment, packaging, and other supplies utilized in the meat processing industry.

Each year processors create new products to entice customers’ tastes to enter in the Innovative Product category. This year, Winner’s submitted a new Innovative Product which came away with recognition of Reserve Grand Champion, the Smoked Fattie, which is a combination of ground beef, sausage, and various toppings rolled up and wrapped in a bacon weave. The Fattie is then smoked to take the taste to another level. But don’t stop there! Winner’s has plenty of flavor creations to satisfy all taste buds! Make it a goal this grilling season to try all of our innovative and traditional products! We are also now offering several products with no MSG or nitrites!

Winner’s Meats, located in Osgood and Greenville, can supply you with all your beef and pork, and any custom butchering needs. For stories and pictures from this year’s event along with products, information, and services Winner’s Meats provide, visit

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