Monday, June 1, 2015


This Summer, EUM Church is hosting several classes that offer enrichment for your spiritual life. Find out how God can work in your life and how He wants you to respond. These classes include:

  • Before Amen – Max Lucado's Before Amen is a 4-session DVD Study for anyone desiring an improved prayer life. In the DVD sessions, he reveals his struggles with prayer and his discovery that having a conversation with God is for everyone, not just for the pious few. Through the use of a simple, easy-to-remember, pocket-sized prayer that he distilled from the prayers in the Bible, he shows us how everyone can build a prayer life that is stronger, better and deeper. Connecting with Him each day can mean all the difference in your life and how you experience God.
  • The Best Yes (Women’s Bible Study) – Are you living with stress of an overwhelmed schedule and ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul? There’s a difference between saying yes to God and saying yes to everyone else. We will learn how to cure the "disease to please", escape the guilt of disappointing others, overcome the agony of hard choices, and rise above the endless demands and discover your "Best Yes".
  • ‘The Blesseds’ God’s DNA of the Gospel – In the physical realm the most basic ‘building block’ of life is DeoxyriboNucleic Acid--DNA. DNA is the molecule in all organic substances that is responsible for duplicating the exact unique characteristics of each living organism It carries the basic blueprint information for each form of life. Spiritually, the Gospel (the ‘Good News’) of Jesus is the message that beckons all to a new and transformed life. But the foundation of this Gospel is the Sermon on the Mount, and its most basic building blocks are ‘The Blesseds’--The Beatitudes of Jesus. The Blesseds provide unique elements of the believer’s entire existence with Christ. Each ‘Blessed’ in conjunction with all the others is critical for the full life Christ desires for us, and our usefulness in His Kingdom.
  • Breathe, Making Room for the Sabbath (Women’s Bible Study) – One of the greatest challenges among women in our culture is taking time to stop and cease from all the activities and busyness and just breathe. We are in bondage to busyness. By neglecting time for tranquility, serenity, and repose, we limit our Christlikeness and miss out on some of God's greatest gifts. If you are weary, worn out and exhausted, the concept of Sabbath will change your life.
  • Discovering Your Purpose – Understand who God has uniquely made you to be as you go through a series of assessments which leads you to discover your unique blend of spiritual gifts, personal style and ministry passion. Learn the biblical nature and purpose of the church as a body of Christ and your unique importance of your contribution. After this class, you wll better understand what the church is, how it works, who you are, and how you fit!
  • Basic Christianity – As a new believer, it's vital that you understand the foundations of the Christian faith so that you can build upon it and grow closer to God and to others. Learn foundational truths all believers need to understand about the Bible, Jesus, Prayer, the Holy Spirit and more!
  • Remnant Class – We will continue to focus the heart. Life, with all of its bewildering relationships, zooms toward us from all directions at the speed of light. We could use some help grappling with those realities. Learning that God turns out to be God and not a man in His determination to come along side us for our good, may genuinely surprise us. The process of conditioning our hearts in our relationships is critical in bringing us safely home with Him!

Classes begin the week of June 7. Please visit our website at and check out all our class opportunities in our Connection Catalog. Registrations may also be done online at our website or by calling the church office at 937-548-3211.

Jeff Harper is Lead Pastor at EUM Church. The traditional worship service is Sunday 9:45 am at the Downtown Campus at 111 Devor Street and the contemporary worship services are Saturday at 6:30 pm and Sunday at 9:00, 10:30, and 11:59 am at the Worship Center located at 1451 Sater Street (corner of Sater and Sebring-Warner Road) in Greenville, OH. Kidmunity Children’s Ministry is available for kids age birth through grade six at the 6:30 pm, 9:00, 10:30 and 11:59 am services. The Downtown Campus, 111 Devor Street, houses the offices and preschool. For more information, go to or call 548-3211.

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