Thursday, June 4, 2015


L to R: Versailles Health Care Center Speech-Language Pathologist,
Denise Bergman, treats an outpatient using Synchrony™.
Versailles Health Care Center has been chosen by its parent company, Covenant Care, to trial the Synchrony™ Dysphagia Solutions by ACP, a comprehensive system combining evidence-based protocols, advanced therapist training, revolutionary new sEMG Biofeedback system, and ACP’s proven “PENS” e-stim technology. Dysphagia impacts the health and quality of life for millions of Americans. Versailles Health Care Center’s Speech-Language Pathologists now have a revolutionary new tool to improve patient outcomes and recently received training from Accelerated Care Plus on this new system. Unlike any other dysphagia rehabilitation solution available, Synchrony™ enables Speech-Language Pathologists and patients to literally “See the Swallow” using virtual reality augmented sEMG biofeedback. This important capability helps Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate the specific dynamics of a normal, effortful or Mendelsohn swallow in real time, while guiding a series of therapeutic exercise activities that are engaging and fun for patients. While “immersed” in these virtual reality augmented activities, exercise intensity and duration are enhanced for superior treatment outcomes. Speech-Language Pathologists are also able to capture objective measurement data with this unique system to demonstrate treatment progression and strengthen documentation.

“We’re extremely pleased and excited to receive this new tool,” said Facility Rehab Director, Shannon Condon, SLP. “We believe that it will truly increase our patients’ quality of life. Our therapy team provides tremendous therapy services for our patients and they are always looking to add the latest advances in the industry to care for our patients.”

If you have any questions about the Synchrony™ Dysphagia Solutions by ACP, please contact Shannon Condon at 937.526-0130.

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