Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CORS Awarded Community Connectors Grant

Piqua, Ohio - Council on Rural Services has recently learned that they are recipients of a new grant through the Ohio Department of Education as part of the Community Connector Initiative. The Community Connectors program is proposed to give Darke County students more access to inspirational role models and to nurture skills that will help them succeed both in school and in the workplace. The state received 192 grant proposals from Ohio community agencies that work with schools across Ohio; of these proposals the state has funded 82 at this date.

Community Connector grants must address the following key components that are focusing on developing partnerships to serve grades 5-12 and carry out 5 core principles:

  1. Setting goals to be prepared for the 21st Century Careers
  2. Building character
  3. Developing Pathways to Achievement
  4. Building a Sense of Resiliency
  5. Believing in a Positive Future

This grant in the amount of $89,716 was awarded to CORS/Gateway Youth Program as the lead organization. But as our community rallied and came together to propose this grant, many business, non-profit, faith-based and school partnerships are included. Partners involved are: Midmark, Wayne Healthcare, Norcold, Greenville National Bank, H & M Precision Concrete, State of the Heart Hospice, Darke County Wellness & Recovery Center of West Central Ohio, Darke County Municipal Court, Family Healthy Services of Darke County, Inc., Darke County Economic Development office. OSU Extension Office and the Darke County Chamber of Commerce.

Other community partners consist of First Baptist Church in Union City, Cedar Grove Church of the Brethren in New Paris, Mississinawa Valley and Tri-Village School Districts.

Through all the collaborative work of these partners, the target students in grades 5-12 will have access to one-on-one mentoring, skill building related to job readiness, career planning and work ethic. There will also be tutoring, career exploration, job shadowing opportunities and internships. A family component will be offered through a parent program called “Raising Highly Capable Kids”.

Because this state program provides a $3 to $1 match funding, the communities’ assistance both financial and supportive is a must to make this grant successful for the students. This grant benefits students to be more successful in school and their future. It helps the community with an increased graduation rate and a stronger, more knowledgeable, and successful workforce in the county.

Jeff Vaughn, coordinator for the Gateway Youth Program said, “We are excited about beginning this new program and partnering with local businesses. The grant will give us the opportunity to open conversations and build more relationships in the business community and bring more awareness and personal support to young people in our county that is needed to transition them to the workforce.”

The Gateway staff will be going to Columbus soon to meet with the Ohio Department of Education to get all the details of beginning the new grant. Watch for more information as the grant begins.

About Council on Rural Services; CORS is a non-profit social service organization that serves clients through federal, state and local grants. The mission is to provide a unique mix of learning and social experience to develop competence, motivation, and behavior for a better life. This is done through programs like Gateway Youth Programs, Achievement Center for Educational Success (ACES), Head Start, Early Head Start, Kids Learning Place, and now the Community Connectors Initiative. CORS has operations throughout the nine county areas of Auglaize, Champaign, Darke, Greene, Logan, Miami, Preble, Shelby and Van Wert counties in Ohio.

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