Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Joy of Mothing

Birdwatchers become birders, butterfly-lovers become “butterfliers”, so why not “moth-ing?” Join the Darke County Parks on Saturday, July 11th from 8pm-11pm for a presentation that will introduce us to these fascinating nighttime (and daytime) creatures: what they are, what they do, and their role in the lives of the plants and animals around them (including us). We will have bait set and will spend the rest of the evening discovering what moths are on the wing and how to identify them.

Dave Horn will be leading our moth program for the evening. Dave is Emeritus Professor of Entomology at Ohio State University of 43 years, is a former Director of the Ohio Biological Survey and past president of the Columbus Audubon Society and the Ohio Lepidopterists. He is author of the “Moths of Ohio Field Guide” published by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. His recent research has investigated impact of prescribed fires and utility right-of-way construction on insects (including moths) in forests of southern Ohio and has studied moths in New England and California.

This FREE program will be held at Shawnee Prairie Preserve (4267 State Route 502 West). Please call the Nature Center at 937.548.0165 to reserve your spot. Check out our website at

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