Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jace Mote, 7 year old from Arcanum, donates garage sale money for cancer patients.

More and more young people in Darke County are becoming involved with helping those around who are going through difficult times.

Jace Mote is a perfect example of this. Recently his grandmother had a garage sale and Jace decided to do something that his sister had done before. He wanted to make some money and donate it to the Cancer Association of Darke County. His mom helped him to do this by purchasing some snack items: chips, cookies and goldfish crackers. His part was to sell the snacks and collect the money. When asked why he decided to donate the money to the cancer association, his simple answer was “There’s a bunch of people with cancer.” Jace said that his aunt also donated what money she received as well.

Christine, the director, spent some time with Jace to let him know how much this was appreciated and how important it is to realize there are many around us that could use some help and also that it is very rewarding to do nice things for others.

The Cancer Association of Darke County appreciates all donations and is encouraged by the compassion that is so evident in Darke County.

The organization is celebrating its 20th year and has provided over a million dollars in benefits to local cancer patients during that time.

Volunteer drivers are always needed and if anyone would like to help in that area, please call the office at 548-9960.

To receive benefits from the Cancer Association, a patient must live in Darke County and have a confirmed diagnosis of cancer. The association is not affiliated with American Cancer Society or other cancer groups. United Way helps to fund the organization.

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