Monday, August 10, 2015

Kohl Francis, 11 year old Girl Scout from Tri Village donates to Cancer Association of Darke County.

(Left to right Ruth Nye, cancer patient and Kohl Francis, 11 years old Girl Scout

Eleven year old, Kohl Francis, wanted to do something for cancer patients. She states “I thought it would be a good idea since my grandmother died of cancer.” Kohl is in Girl Scouts and is working toward her Bronze Award. She said her mom helped her to find an activity called a Care Package and she made several of them and donated them to the local cancer association. The package contains 2 puzzle books and a pen, a cup and straw, tissues and candy and are in a cloth bag which was made by a friend. She is shown above donating one of the bags to Ruth Nye, a cancer patient, who was most appreciative of the gift.

The Cancer Association of Darke County appreciates all donations and is very encouraged when the youth in the county become involved in helping others who are having a difficult time with health, finances, etc. A special thanks to Kohl for her caring, generous attitude.

To receive benefits from the Cancer Association, a patient must live in Darke County and have a confirmed diagnosis of cancer. Please call the office and speak with Christine if you have any questions or would like to volunteer, etc. 937-548-9960

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