Monday, August 10, 2015

OSU New Student Picnic

Erin Scott, Carl Klamar, Emily Hunt, Caroline Prakel, Grant Brown,
Jordon Phillips, Hudson Rich, and Bill Barga, president of the
OSU Alumni Association of Darke County at the organization's recent
OSU New Student Picnic at the Greenville City Park.
Students, new to The Ohio State University this fall, gathered in the Greenvillle City Park last Monday for a picnic and get acquainted session, sponsored by the OSU Alumni Association of Darke County.

Those first time students as well as transfer students were invited to the outing to learn more about campus life. Alumni shared their insights gained from experience on campus with the young people as well as some words of wisdom that might save a few headaches during their first months at Ohio State.

Feasting on burgers superbly grilled by Dennis Baker and other delicious foods brought by alumni, the students had an opportunity to chat with each other as well as the alums. They were urged to get to know each other and other Darke County students on campus as a good venue for seeking rides home on weekends. However, they were cautioned not to visit home too often but instead immerse themselves in studies and campus activities.

Bill Barga, local Darke Alumni Association President, noted that your friends and acquaintances on campus soon form your own community amidst the larger university population. He urged them to make early connection with other students and faculty as some of them would become lifelong friends and associates.

The Annual Meeting of the OSU Alumni Association of Darke County was held in the Park after the student picnic. The organization’s goal, to promote students attending the Ohio State University, was emphasized by the group. Members reviewed the many ways this goad is accomplished each year.

At least four scholarships are given each year from funds invested with the University, from private donations and fund raising projects. Most of the funds raised by the annual June golf outing and the August football raffle are earmarked for the scholarships that are given each spring to four top Darke County seniors.

Each year, a junior trip to campus is arranged at a minimal cost to students. With this year’s trip being in the fall before college applications are due, it may be possible to include seniors as well as juniors, depending on number of students applying for the campus tour. In early August of each year the Alumni sponsors a new student picnic, often having upperclassman and University representatives to talk with the young people. In coordination with the University, all county high school counselors are invited to a lunch with OSU admissions counselors to give information for the upcoming year.

Officers for the coming year are Bill Barga, president, Janelle Brinksneader, vice president, Jan Boyer, secretary, Dennis Baker, treasurer, Sam and Toni Custer, Scholarship Chairs, and Janelle Brinksneader and Carrie Schmidt, Junior Trip Chair.

For information about the many activities of the OSU Alumni Club of Darke County, call Bill Barga at 419.336.6573 or email, or Jan Boyer, 937.548.1916 or email

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