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The #3 designated historic building featured by The Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society is The Flat Iron, which is now the Rose Post, located at 111 West George Street in Arcanum. William Gunder was the original lot owner in 1851 and the building was constructed in 1865. The unique shape, like a flat iron, is the reason behind the structure’s name and has been many establishments and businesses thru its long period in Arcanum history. This building was one of the first businesses to be erected in Arcanum.

According to the Arcanum Business Book by Anita Short, we find the Shafer Bakery & Confectionery from 1882-1885. Fresh bread, cakes, pies, etc. All kinds of fancy baking done to order for parties, Weddings, etc… This was in the (Arcanum Tribune, August 5, 1882) Other businesses and stores include: Saloons, Hotels, Shoemaking Shop, Emma Smith Millinery, The Weekly Times (later Arcanum Times), Piano Store, Real Estate, and a Tire Store.

There are not clear records but a mention of a lean-to on the rear of the old Schafer building (Flat Iron) on West George Street, across the track from the Dayton and Union Station. Per the Arcanum Times, Thursday, September 11, 1952 there is mention of the 100 year old building being converted into living quarters. Per Arcanum…a secret place book we read that the place could have been a chewing gum factory.

Presently, Rose Lambert operates and owns the Rose Post, a unique flower shop. Rose has been here since 1995 making and selling flower arrangements for all occasions. Unique seems to be the word as there has been a variety of businesses here since 1865.

This building sits west of the old John Smith Company General Store and the railroad track went by the west side of the Flat Iron building with the Railroad Depot being on the other side of the tracks. This would be in the area of the Veteran’s Park today which is on the east side of the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society building.

Pick up a map of the Self-Guided Walking Tour at the historical society building or e-mail Enjoy the tour around the block in town starting at the corner of North Main and North Street (by Kreitzers Funeral Home). Across from Kreitzers is the old California House Hotel. Continue west by the Arcanum Public Library, past the Founders Home site (all on your right) and turn left on North Sycamore Street. Make another left at West George Street and continue east toward the downtown area. The Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society will be on your left followed by the Rose Post and the John Smith Company General Store which is the Arcana and Smith Merchants today. Walk, Shop, and Eat all in historic downtown Arcanum. Another example of historic preservation of our buildings in town.

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