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DAYTON, Ohio – Butler Tech in Hamilton enters the new school year as Community Blood Center’s (CBC) most outstanding supporter of high school blood drives. Butler Tech will receive $1,000 as the winner of a CBC High School Leadership grant for “Most Donors” during the 2014-15 academic year. It marks the third consecutive year Butler Tech has earned this distinction.

CBC annually awards $1,000 High School Leadership grants in five categories. Spring Valley Academy in Centerville received the grant for “Highest Percentage of Enrollment” participating in school blood drives in 2014-15. Seton Catholic High School in Richmond, Indiana won grants for both “Most Improved” and for “Second Highest Percentage of Enrollment.” Miami Valley Career Technology Center earned a grant for “Red Cord Excellence” with the highest number of student donors qualifying for the CBC Red Cord Honor Program.

In the 2014-15 academic year 118 high schools in CBC’s 15-county service area hosted 215 blood drives, resulting in 13,929 registrations to donate and 11,357 donations collected.

“We commend all our high school blood drive sponsors, especially those who qualify for the grant program by hosting at least two blood drives a year,” said CBC Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor. “Each of our winning schools has a unique learning environment, but they all share a dedication to community service. It’s amazing to see that spirit at work at every high school blood drive. We’re impressed by these young people, and grateful to their administrators, teachers and parents for encouraging outstanding citizenship.”

Grant winners by category:

  • Most Donors in the Academic Year: Butler Tech - Butler Tech is CBC’s most active high school blood drive sponsor with six blood drives held during the school year. In 2014-15 Butler Tech totaled 670 registrations to donate and 513 donations to dominate the “Most Donors” category. They surpassed their grant-winning total from the previous year with 180 more registrations and 133 more donations.
  • Highest Percentage of Enrollment: Spring Valley Academy – Spring Valley had only 80 eligible donors in 2014-2015, but they enthusiastically supported the school’s three blood drives with participation by 113 percent of enrollment.
  • 2nd Highest Percentage of Enrollment: Seton Catholic High School – CBC awards grants for first place and runner-up in this category. Seton Catholic students strongly supported the two blood drives they hosted in 2014-15, resulting in participation by 107 percent of enrollment.
  • Most Improved: Seton Catholic High School – Seton Catholic had only 72 eligible donors in 2014-15, the smallest number of eligible student donor enrollment among CBC blood drive schools. The school added a December blood drive in addition to its regular spring blood drive. Students supported the drives with 77 registrations, a 166 percent improvement over the previous year.
  • Red Cord Excellence: Miami Valley Career Technology Center – CTC earned the CBC grant for Red Cord Excellence with 96 graduating seniors qualifying for the CBC Red Cord Honor Program. (Students must register to donate at least three times during their high school career to earn a Red Cord which may be worn at honor recognition ceremonies and graduation).

Additional CBC Education Programs:

  • The CBC/Vectren Creative Scholarship Program for High School Seniors: This $5,000 scholarship program is supported by a grant from Vectren. CBC and Vectren annually award $1,000 in college tuition assistance to five graduating, college-bound seniors whose high school hosts a CBC blood drive. Scholarship applicants are challenged to imagine themselves as leaders of their high school blood drive as they design a winning blood drive marketing campaign. They must create a theme they believe will be effective in encouraging students to donate and creatively express the theme using conventional marketing techniques or innovative, artistic expressions. The application deadline is April 20. Examples of winning campaigns and the 2016 scholarship application are available at
  • The Red Cord Honor Program – Students are automatically enrolled in the program when they register to donate at their Red Cord Honor Program participating high school. They must register to donate at least three times during their high school career to earn a Red Cord, which may be worn at high school honor recognition ceremonies and graduation. Seniors have until May 15 (or by the date of their school’s final blood drive if it is after May 15) to complete the requirement.
  • Blood 101 Education Program – CBC Education Specialist Cristina Pickle is a certified teacher who visits classrooms (pre-school through high school) across our 15-county region, stimulating young minds with presentations on the wonders of blood science and the human body, the benefits of blood donations and the life-long value of community service. Her high school workshops also help students prepare for a successful blood donation.
  • The LAB - CBC’s “Learning About Blood” mobile classroom is on the move year-round visiting schools and community events. Kids of all ages can step inside the LAB and plunge into a hands-on learning atmosphere that includes amazing illustrations of the heart, blood components, and circulatory system at work. For more information about the Blood Education Program contact Cris Pickle at

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