Friday, September 25, 2015


On September 26 and 27, the Olde Thyme Gardeners welcome Prairie Days visitors to the garden near the log house. Although the growing season has been challenging, the garden displays familiar herbs such as basil, oregano and thyme and the more unusual period correct savory, santolina, lovage and more.

Early summer rains drowned the first planting of beans and lettuce among other seedlings. Ravenous raccoons destroyed the surviving corn stalks. In the pioneer spirit of the early settlers, the Olde Thyme Gardeners replanted mainly fall root crops of radishes, beets and carrots.

Several varieties of squash and pumpkin volunteered along two sides of the stockade fence. Early settlers of the area which became Darke County would have hung the thick skinned squash high and dry in their cabins for winter eating.

The period correct Winesap apple tree produced its first rosy fruit this year.

In cooperation with the Greenville Art Guild, the Olde Thyme Gardeners will provide an authentic early American craft for children - air clay leaf prints.

The Olde Thyme Gardeners meet on the second Tuesday of most months in the Nature Center at Shawnee Prairie Preserve on State Route 502 near Greenville. For more information go to or look on FaceBook.

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