Friday, October 16, 2015

Memorial Hall Renovation Open House Thank You

On behalf of Greenville City Schools Board of Education, administration, staff and student body we would like to thank and express our appreciation to Senator Keith Faber, Senator Bill Beagle, Representative Jim Buchy and State Board of Education Member Darryl Mehaffie for their leadership and behind the scenes work in allowing this OFCC Legislative Grant to take place at Memorial Hall.

Likewise our entire team at Greenville City Schools would like to thank and express our gratitude to all members of the Darke County Endowments for the Arts for their commitment to moving this OFCC Grant forward into reality.

Finally I would like to thank Matt Jordan for carrying out the application for the OFCC grant and for being the Project Manager and overseeing the construction process here at this Hall from the end of May through October. Matt did an outstanding job carrying out this construction project.

It was Greenville City School’s pleasure to work hand and hand with the DCCA here in our home together at Memorial Hall. Our school district and community take great pride in both teaching and providing outstanding and quality fine arts performances.

The Anna Bier Civic Center is our home for board meetings, administrative meetings, business partner meetings, curriculum development and professional development meetings as well as many other committee meetings.

Memorial Hall is our home for musical concerts, theatrical performances, large and small group assemblies and meetings.

This grant to update, renovate and enhance both Memorial Hall and the Anna Bier Civic Room will improve our entire educational delivery system, particularly in the arts and keep this building as a state of the art facility and focal point for the school and community. It was our pleasure as a school district to participate in this legislative OFCC grant and thank you all for your participation and commitment to the project.

Special thank you to Carla Surber for carrying out the financial commitments and paperwork included with the grant.

Hope you enjoyed your evening and the opening of a new season with the Darke County Center of the Arts.

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