Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WAVE Leaders at South Middle School

What does it mean to be a WAVE Leader? Students who join WAVE Leaders at South Middle School have an opportunity to give to their community while meeting WAVE Expectations. WAVE Expectations is the positive behavior and intervention system at South MS that guides behavior expectations for students in all areas of the school. Students are taught, retaught and acknowledged for appropriate behavior by showing: We are respectful, Always responsible, Very kind, as well as Excited and ready to learn. In joining the WAVE Leaders, students are able to apply these expectations in an opportunity to serve their community.

WAVE Leaders began in the early 2000’s under a different name and at a different building within GCS. This engaging and valid learning opportunity for students has evolved to what we need students to know and do for the 21st Century by building a sense of community through service. This service learning group was initially titled the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club at North School. Principal Maureen McDonough and then teacher Lisa Maher created this group to help students develop leadership skills and relationships with those of another generation. These students were encouraged to build a sense of community through service and adopting a grandparent. Students were separated by gender during the activities. Once a month students were bused to the Brethren Retirement Community. Boys went for breakfast while the girls traveled over for lunch. Students learned appropriate manners, served residents, and developed intergenerational relationships. Students were able to read to residents, escort them to the fair and walk them around the home as well as other activities. Students also met once a month during an extended homeroom to work on arts and crafts to share with their adopted grandparents.

When North School was consolidated to the current Middle School system of 5th and 6th grade at South School, the Ladies and Gentleman’s Club continued their service by walking at least once a month after school to the BRH as well an additional meeting a month for continued etiquette activities with arts and crafts. They also had field trips to local venues such as Fairlawn and Maid Rite to learn table manners, ordering protocol and other etiquette.

In the last few years, the Ladies and Gentleman’s Club name was changed to WAVE Leaders continuing with their service vision to after school while expanding their leadership responsibilities at South MS. Teachers Nancy Person, Nan Hottle, Mindy Kissinger, Karen Magoteaux and Mary Petry continued with previous activities while expanding the role of the WAVE Leaders. WAVE Leader activities include: leadership for South’s involvement in homecoming activities, escorting parents during conferences, reading special announcements for holidays, organize activities for celebrations and work for the betterment of the community.

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