Friday, January 29, 2016

Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Holds January Meeting

By Shelby Manning, Reporter

On January 25th, the Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter held their annual January meeting. At this meeting, members were awarded their Chapter Degree and one member was honored as member of the month.

Requirements to earn your Chapter Degree are as follows: hold the Greenhand degree, have the ability to demonstrate 5 procedures of parliamentary law, have led a group discussion for 15 minutes, have a satisfactory SAE program in operation and invested $150 or worked 45 unpaid hours in your SAE, have 10 hours of community service, and have a satisfactory scholastic record. Members who earned their degree are sophomores Audree Weimer, Damon McGhee, Payton Reichard, Stevi Keen, Kinsie Blocher, Paxton Scholl, Kaylee Clark, Makenna Price, Ethan Bowman, Amanda Armstrong, Colton Hines, and Haley Loy. Freshmen were Laura Bland, Kyler Mote, Olivia Murphy, Daisy Brim, Bailey Johnson, Grant Stachler, Cole Simmons, Kyler Guillozet, Elijah Livingston, James Husted, Cole Townsend, Abby Abel, Trinity Konwiczka, Ethan Dirksen, Andrew Reichard, Casey Carrico, Will Hall, and Sidnie Hunt. Congratulations to those members.

Senior Kasey Hummel was named our January member of the month. Kasey has served on the officer team for two years, has participated in the food science and dairy cattle judging CDE, and she also attended our annual Dance Marathon. Congratulations to Kasey.

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