Monday, January 25, 2016

Practical Fitness Techniques at Library

Fitness coach Diana Unger has a welcome message for many - how to get the benefits of exercising without “exercising!” Her class Move Forward on Thursday January 28th at 6:30 p.m. at the Greenville Public Library will teach you just that. Her practical techniques can be done on your own time and are easy, fun, and family friendly. They’ll build and retrain your muscles for greater strength, flexibility, health, and independence.

Diana is a certified personal trainer and owner and operator of Warrior Strength Workouts. She says 75% of the population doesn’t exercise even at the minimum standards due to a lack of time or a physical limitation. She can show you how to do things you’re already doing but in a way that’s beneficial to you. These are movements you do every day such as getting in and out of a chair or picking something up from the floor.

Diana explains that it’s a matter of getting a new perspective and applying it to your lifestyle. By using these techniques consistently you can teach your body to perform differently and minimize muscle loss. She notes the common myths that once you reach age 50 you can’t fix anything nor build muscle. Completely untrue!

Diana got into fitness after starting her own fitness journey. In her former job she traveled globally and had every reason not to be healthy. Now she has a family and does personal training for individuals and groups with a gym in her home.

Her approach is to get to know her clients and consider their medical conditions and goals. Where do you want to be? What makes you happy? Be sure to attend for a stronger you! Reservations appreciated but not necessary at 548-3915. Diana is seen with librarians Rachel Brock and Deb Cameron.

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