Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Aultman Youth Development and Advancement Scholarships Now Offered

Submitted Photo of the Aultman Family
Now accepting applications for the Aultman Youth Development and Advancement Scholarships. This is the inaugural year that the Matt and Morgan Aultman Family will be offering TWO scholarships for the specific advancement and support of students looking to further their education in the fields of political science, business, or at a skills driven trade school. We believe that in the future our county will need shrewd business people and skilled workers so we are offering these two very different scholarships.

The first of two $500.00 scholarships will be available to students graduating from a Darke County high school in 2016 and entering college to study business, business management, or political science. Business is the backbone to the Darke County community and in the future will require people of this skill set to someday continue running the business that are found here.

The second $500.00 scholarship will be available to 2016 Darke County graduating high school students continuing their education at a trade school or in a trade program. Not everyone desires a four year education and are more tactile with their skill sets. This is an opportunity for students going into programs such as welding, carpentry, masonry, dental assisting, CNC technician, or related field to receive monetary assistance for this education path.

Matt and Morgan Aultman have been supportive of their community and the advancement of youth in the past several years. They are advisors for 4-H, have helped with FFA Alumni programs, and assisted with class programs and after school activities. It is their hope that what is done today will transfer to a better tomorrow for our community.

You may ask why now and why these specific continuing education programs. The NOW part came when Matt decided to run for Darke County Commissioner and assessed the expenditures associated with the run for that office. Like the farmers they are or any other good business people, before spending money they look at the whole picture of the money spent versus the return and overall benefit. They decided that whether or not the campaign was successful they wanted to make a positive impact on the community. Matt and Morgan believe there is no better way to do this than helping the youth of the community; they have decided to use part of their personal finances to set up these two scholarships instead of purchasing yard signs for the primary election campaign. This is a continuation of their long lasting commitment to youth and Darke County. The Aultman’s hope it will yield talented and trained individuals returning to our community to fill the shoes of those who are currently running businesses, working in public service jobs, and working for community programs.

The Aultman’s have learned through many programs, activities, and teachings that one of the most effective ways to “make the best better” is to instill that sense into the next generation and provide opportunities for them to grow and flourish. They wish to leave a lasting impression on the next generation and leave Earth in better condition than when we inherited it, this is their small attempt at doing that.

Applications can be requested through email at: darkecountyfarmer@gmail.com, by sending a letter of request to Aultman Development and Advancement Scholarship, 6721 Horatio Harris Creek Rd, Greenville, Ohio 45331 or by visiting our website at www.aultmanfarms.weebly.com. Applications will be accepted until April 30, 2016.

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