Friday, February 19, 2016


(From left to right) BPW Member Peggy Foutz, Speaker Dr. Debbie McFarland, and BPW Member Diane Delaplane
Greenville, OH February 15, 2016 - The Publicity Committee of the Greenville Business & Professional Women’s Club (BPW) hosted the February 11th meeting which was held at the Brethren Retirement Community.

Guest speaker Dr. Debbie McFarland was introduced by Committee Chair Peggy Foutz. Dr. McFarland, Chiropractor and certified in Acupuncture spoke about emotions. She spoke about the need to deal with emotions as opposed to ignoring or “pushing them down” as they may eventually manifest themselves in other health related issues. She noted some of the different emotions and the organs they may affect. For example anger can manifest itself in the liver, diabetes in the lower side of the back and the stomach can be affected by anxiety and worry. She told members that you cannot separate the mental from the physical effects. Dr. McFarland also emphasized the importance of forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, and the need to repent. One of the ways Dr. McFarland assists people is by creating a release through acupuncture for which she uses just her finger and does not involve the use of needles. Other ways of dealing with our emotions include journaling, scrapbooking, and coloring. Each member was given a coloring book and a small bag which included labels for problems and peace among other small items. Dr. McFarland said that we each have enough problems of our own and stressed the importance of not taking on other people’s problems. Dr. McFarland’s office is located at 607 S. Broadway, Greenville and she can be reached at (330) 447-9680 or

The Greenville BPW Club’s mission is to achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. The Club holds fundraisers through the year to raise money to grant scholarships to the young women of Darke County. The Club meets the second Thursday of every month for a dinner meeting. Those interested in learning more about the Club can contact Membership Chair Brenda Miller at 937-996-1741 or by email to

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