Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Coming Home!

World War I ended on November 11, 1918 at Versailles France. Not long after that 25 year old Homer Prakel returned safely back home. This Memorial Day 97 years later Homer Prakel’s WWI uniform will come home again to the Versailles Area Museum. This gracious loan has been made possible by our friends at the Garst Museum of Greenville.

Mr. Prakel continued the family tradition upon his return as his father; August began in kindness in spirit, generous in his church and community, and leadership for the entire community.

What makes Mr. Prakel’s uniform so special is that there were no special services at that time. Yet Prakel was sent into Russia as an undercover agent of the United States military. The uniform was tailored in Paris and has many special features, unique to this group.
Many Versailles area boys served with distinction as part of the 104 which held reunions annually until their 50th anniversary which incidentally was planned by Mr. Prakel who passed away several months before the event and was hosted in Versailles with Clarence Pittsenbarger taking charge.

During the next few months stop by the museum and enjoy this display in our fabulous Military Room featuring Civil War to the present military uniforms and other items. We continue to collect unique items other that uniforms from the 20th century, if you would be interested in making a loan of military items pre WWI, please call the museum at 937-526-4222.

On May 30th join us at the Museum as our Military Room will be set for quiet reflection on this day of remembrance. Of special interest is the Missing Soldier Table, set for the soldier who hasn’t come home yet. We will be open from noon till 4:00 p.m. and invite you to add a little history to your summer week-end kick off with us.

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