Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Edison State nursing students honored with pinning ceremony

Nursing student Senami Edalere-Lukula, of Troy, receives her pin during the time-honored
pinning ceremony at Edison State Community College.
Edison State Community College honored its most recent nursing graduates on Wednesday, May 11, with a pinning ceremony held before an audience of family and friends at the Piqua campus.

The pinning ceremony is a time-honored tradition in which the graduate nurse is presented to family and friends as a professional who is about to practice nursing and the graduate is usually “pinned” by the faculty members who have worked with the students throughout their course of study. Each school has a unique pin, which serves as a symbol of the successful completion of a rigorous curriculum, which prepares its graduates to administer to the sick and injured and promote health through the practice of nursing.

Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson welcomed friends and family members and commended those being pinned. Gwen Stevenson, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, gave a speech praising the hard work and determination of the students, while recognizing the sacrifices made by the family members and friends who have supported them while completing their degrees.

When reached for comment, nursing class representative Tashaunya Strunk, of Houston, Ohio, expressed her enthusiasm for being pinned and noted the hard work that has gone into reaching this milestone.

“Nursing school has been quite the journey – stress, new friendships, and so much knowledge,” said Strunk. “We all worked so hard. I recall hours spent in the lab practicing skills, group study sessions and a lack of sleep. There was a lot of time dedicated to studying and long clinical days, but this huge achievement was worth every bit of it.”

“I am humbled to have been taught by such great instructors,” added Strunk. “Their guidance has boosted my confidence and helped me acknowledge that I can accomplish all my future endeavors.”

Each of the thirty-seven graduates had the opportunity to submit a word of thanks to those who have made the end of this portion of their education possible, which was read as they received their pin from an Edison State nursing faculty member. Many used the opportunity to share individual stories of sacrifice and triumphing over adversity, the bonds that were formed between classmates and the deep appreciation held for the Edison State nursing faculty.

Graduates of the program will move on to the next phase of their career, which involves taking the registered nurse licensing exam and seeking employment.

Edison State Community College’s nursing program has maintained full accreditation and approval over its thirty-five year history. In 2013, Edison State’s Associate of Nursing Degree program was granted a full five-year approval by the Ohio Board of Nursing. In 2011, the program earned an eight-year accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, the highest level a program can receive.

Applications for Edison State’s Registered Nursing program are currently being accepted for spring 2017 semester. For more information about the nursing program, visit www.edisonohio.edu/programs or call 937.778.8600.

Spring 2016 Nursing Graduates:

Anna: Krista Blankenship, Georgia Hoying, Laura Williamson
Arcanum: Tammy Short
Bellefontaine: Abigail Andrews, Brooke Richard
Covington: Kendra Simon
Dayton: Alicia Toth
Englewood: Tyler Hall
Greenville: Bridget Collins, Lindsey Hartzell, Joanne Williams, Nicole Wion
Houston: Tashaunya Strunk
Lima: Jarrah Cole
London: Bridget Myers
Osgood: Jennifer Lange
Piqua: Clare Jones, Tabitha Righter, Shauna Smith
Pleasant Hill: Jenna McConnell
Sidney: Sherry Dearth, Valerie Holthaus, Emily Ocke, Misty Scott, Leah Slone
Trotwood: Seante Metcalf
Troy: Senami Edalere-Lukula, Sara Foster, Kelly Rindler, Martina Rose, Chelsea Starnes
Vandalia: Stephanie Baker
Versailles: Tonya Alton, Emily Harmon
Wapakoneta: Nancy Topp
West Milton: Joel Bearss

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