Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PERI Luncheon to Feature Dr. John P. Studebaker, M.S., M.D. and Certified Holistic Specialist

Dr. John P. Studebaker, M.S., M.D. and Certified Holistic Specialist, will be the guest speaker at the Public Employee Retirees (PERI) luncheon meeting on Monday, August 1, 11:30 a.m., at the VFW on Ohio Street in Greenville. Cost of the luncheon is $9.00 per person.

PERI members are encouraged to bring guests and nonmembers are encouraged to attend who have retired under the Ohio Public Employees' Pension fund (OPERS) or who are planning to retire. PERI also welcomes patients of Dr. Studebaker and others who are interested in exploring alternative methods to prevent or treat their health issues.

Reservations for nonmembers must be in by Wednesday, July 27 by calling Vivian Nieport, Attendance and Contact Chairman, at (937) 548-3961. PERI members will be contacted directly by the PERI calling committee. Patients of Dr. Studebaker may call his office if they wish to attend.

As a licensed Medical Doctor and Holistic Specialist, Dr. Studebaker's illustrated program will not only include how he balances traditional medicine with alternatives that include nutrition, but he will also focus on his intensive research with vitamins, particularly vitamins D and K.

Today, many doctors are specializing in diseases that impact particular parts of the body such as heart, kidney, blood and neurological diseases to name a few. As a result, patients with multiple health issues end up with multiple specialists with each prescribing one or more prescription drugs. If these drugs are not carefully coordinated and monitored, they can become ineffective, counterproductive and even dangerous.

By comparison and as Dr. Studebaker will point out, Holistic Specialists treat each patient as a whole person by looking at the individual's overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being before recommending treatment. More importantly, they attempt to prevent illness in the first place by placing a greater emphasis on proper nutrition and avoidance of substances such as chemicals and environmental contaminants that can harm the body. However, their primary goal is to strengthen the immune system which leads to improvement in a patient's overall health and well being.

Dr. Studebaker said he first became aware of Holistic Health Medicine in 2000 when his patients began googling information from the internet and asking him about alternative treatments that were not readily available or were considered questionable by the medical profession. Rather than being skeptical and ignoring their requests, he decided to remain open minded and conduct his own investigation into these treatments, he said.

After attending a seminar conducted by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) he said he was so impressed that he became Board Certified in 2005 and recertified in 2014 to practice holistic and integrative Holistic Medicine along with his traditional practice. As a result, he represents a minority of doctors who offer both Holistic and traditional treatments.

Because of his diversity of treatments, he has become a popular and much in demand speaker. According to the PERI Board of Trustees, his program on August 1, will be a wonderful opportunity for PERI members and others to obtain new ideas and valuable information for their own health and welfare as well as that of their family members and acquaintances.

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