Tuesday, August 30, 2016


August has come and gone. Hot, humid weather, followed by flash rain storms and in some places flooding, the start of High School football, schools going back in session, and of course, the 9 day run of the Great Darke County Fair. Sounds like a typical August in the Miami Valley and in Darke County!

First of all, the Darke County Commissioners wish to congratulate Clayton Murphy of New Madison for his outstanding Olympic accomplishment of a Bronze medal in the 800 meter finals! I am sure that everyone in Darke County was yelling at the television when Clayton, with his classic last lap kick, was catching and finally caught the 3rd place runner and became the Olympic Bronze medalist! Congratulations to Clayton and the Murphy family for raising such and inspiring young man. Darke County is certainly proud of you!!

Of course, one of the biggest happenings every year is the Great Darke County Fair. Thank you to all the Fair Board members, Fair Manager Daryl Riffle, and the entire maintenance staff for all the hours of preparation and hard work you do throughout the year to make our fair the best in the Country! This year, despite the weather and rain, the fair seemed to be as vibrant as ever. The Commissioners talked to several people from other states, some as far away as Texas, California, and Missouri, who really enjoyed themselves and thought they would come back. We will bet not many County Fairs anywhere can say that! The Commissioners would also like to thank all of the 4H, FFA members, Cheerleaders, Band members, and everyone else who performed and showed their projects at the fair. We realize these young people are the backbone of the fair, and their accomplishments through hard work and dedication are making them into outstanding adults. The parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and advisors who help with guidance of these young people should be proud of the efforts and rewards these young people have received for their hard work. Once again, “Thank You” to all who made this year’s fair another success!

There has been some real excitement happening in Darke County this month. We would like to Congratulate Mayor Mike Bowers as August is his last month as Mayor of Greenville. Mr. Bowers is taking over as the new Economic Development Director for the County starting in September. Mike was the perfect pick for the job, as he worked very closely with the former director, Marc Saluk, who left to be close to his home of Philadelphia.

The Commissioners, the C.I.C, and Partnering 4 Progress wish Mike the best of luck, and continued economic success for Darke County. Another great event for the County was the announcement and ground breaking for the new Whirlpool distribution system. The new building will be around 325,000 square feet, and will be state of the art. This is another example of the commitment Whirlpool, and the city and county have made to continue their success here. The Dayton Business Journal has been covering Darke county extensively for the past several months, and have highlighted our successes. Whirlpool should start the building process shortly, and they hope to be in by late spring. None of this is possible without a vibrant, talented and dedicated workforce. The people we have working in our manufacturing facilities continue to impress the managers and C.E.O.’s to the point that Darke County is where they want to locate, and stay! Thank you to all the hard workers who have made Darke County successful! The new MARCS radio tower has been purchased and should be going up in the future. The tower will be located in the Union City, Ohio area, and will much improve radio communications in the northern part of the county,

As we roll into September, and hopefully cooler and more stable weather, things continue to look up for Darke County. We would like for everyone to be informed of all that happens here, and the best way for that is for you to attend a regularly scheduled session. We meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at 520 S. Broadway in Greenville, just south of the Courthouse. Hope to see you there!

The Darke County Commissioners

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