Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day Trip Enjoyed

Levi Coffin Home/Fountain City, Indiana
My children loved the television show “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”, a 1990’s show that traveled the country and the world. The Versailles Area Museum is recreating this by organizing their mini day trips to wonderful area historical sites.

On August 11th we traveled southwest of Versailles to Fountain City, Indiana, originally known as Newport. This was the one time home of Quaker abolitionist, Levi Coffin. this well preserved home, one of Indiana’s State Historical Sites, sheds light on the work of the Quakers and other abolitionists who strived to help runaway slaves travel on to Canada and freedom.

Catherine & Levi Coffin welcomed some 2000 runaways through the doors of their home for rest and safety on their journey north. From the false bottom wagon used to transport runaway slaves to the tiny garret in an upstairs back bedroom, there was a place to rest and hide to be safe on their way north, on what today is Indiana Route 27.

Fourteen friends of our Museum joined Board Members, Connie Droesch and Jim Kelch on a wonderful day in the country. What would a trip be without food? So lunch was enjoyed in the air conditioned comfort at Fountain City’s Family Diner. So what’s left to do after touring and a great lunch? Well shopping of course! We traveled just south of the outskirts of Fountain City to Fountain Acres, a large Amish store often referred to by the locals as the “Amish Walmart”. Here we were delighted by the array of delicious baked good, fresh vegetables, meats and cheeses awaiting our inspection.

So another adventure completed and enjoyed by all. Where will we travel to next?

Thanks to Larry Martin & Connie Droesch for kindly driving and to our President, Deb Pohl for providing our “mini” bus!

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