Thursday, August 4, 2016

Library Film Some Like It Hot

While classic comedy films had to tick a few important boxes in order to be considered screwballs, the movies that qualified were far from formulaic. There were only a few real requirements: fast and witty dialogue, a zany and unlikely plot, and a willingness to toy around with gender roles and the moral expectations related to them. 1959’s Some Like It Hot is worlds apart from older screwballs like The Lady Eve or His Girl Friday in many ways, but if we look just a layer beneath the surface, we’ll see it’s playing a similar game.

The film starts with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as jazz musicians in Chicago in 1929 who witness a mob killing and have to disguise themselves as women in order to escape. They sign on with an all-female jazz ensemble and head to Florida. When both of them fall in love with the band's singer, played by Marilyn Monroe, things really get complicated.

Join us on Thursday August 11 at 7 p.m. At the Greenville Public Library for this hilarious and daring film. David Nilsen will be leading a brief discussion after the movie, and as always, there will be free theater popcorn, candy, coffee, and Jones Soda. We hope to see you there.

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