Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year - by Greenville City Schools Superintendent Doug Fries

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. Our administration and staff are eager to begin another year with the students, parents, grandparents, and community members throughout our district. We hope to have everyone work together to make this another successful instructional and enjoyable year for all.

I trust each of you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer with your family and friends. I hope your vacations, special trips, and family gatherings have been fun, safe and educational. As September is upon us, I hope all of you are looking forward to another exciting and rewarding school year. As you return to school, notice the new K-8 facility is nearing completion with the hope of moving in during winter break. The high school has also had renovation work since last May that includes a new front parking lot, many sidewalks, cleaning of terrazzo floors, and adding technology access points. I hope you all share the same excitement and enthusiasm I have about our new and upcoming enhanced school facilities prepared for twenty first century education and learning.

At the K-8 facility the masons are nearly complete, short the brick and block work at the front entrance and back dumpster areas. They also have some rubbing of block and patch work to complete on the interior. Around the outside of the building perimeter drainage progresses including downspouts and boots. Concrete walks, curbs, playground pads have been developed. Likewise, two courtyards and exterior perimeter walls have been installed. Soon asphalt walking paths and parking lots, as well as entrance drives will be beginning. The green metal roof panels continue to advance. Storefront glass and entrance doors also continue to be installed. Many of the exterior windows have been set. On the inside of the facility, finishes are advancing. The wood gym floor is going down in one gym. Gym equipment and baskets have been installed, as well. The kitchen cooler, freezer and hoods are installed. Hallway terrazzo floor is being installed, grinded and polished. Ceramic tile is going down in restroom areas. Casework, lighting and plumbing fixtures are being installed in several areas of the building. Drywall finishes and ceiling grid progress throughout the building. Two elevators have been set, one on each end of the building. The painters are working on block fill, first and final coats of paint in various parts of the complex. Hallway lockers and music room cages are on site being put together and installed. The perimeter of the building will be totally secured shortly and a major push to complete interior furnishings and final exterior parking lots will progress through November. We sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the contractors working hard through the heat of the summer on our new state of the art K-8 facility.

We continue to enjoy our experience with Shook Touchstone Construction Manager at Risk and Garmann Miller Architects and Engineers as we move toward the final phase of the construction project. We also continue to post construction site pictures on the home page of our website at

Our district will participate in two approved waiver days this year. These are non-instructional days for students that allow for additional professional development for our staff. These two days are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, January 9th and 10th, 2017. These days come at the end of our extended winter break this year which is December 17th, 2016 through January 6th, 2017. We also have a staff work day scheduled for January 11th, 2017. Therefore, parents can plan now for an extended winter break with the scheduled first day of school in our new K-8 facility set for January 12th, 2017.

Greenville Schools has a tradition of excellence and we certainly are working to continue the excellence. The entire district wants to lead the way by making sure our students are ready for higher education and also jobs of tomorrow in a global economy.

Curriculum implementations our district is continuing with at the elementary level this year include our one to one iPad technology initiative at grades Kindergarten through second grade, as well as our ESpark program. Likewise, at all elementary and junior high grade levels we are participating in Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) testing ongoing throughout the year to keep a close measure on our alignment to end of year required state assessments. At the high school we will continue for the second year with the College Credit Plus program, as well as our high performing Career Tech programs. Some of our high school classes will also participate in MAP testing and we also will be involved in required state end of course exams and American Institute for Research (AIR) assessments. This year’s junior class will also be required to take the ACT test in the Spring. This is scheduled presently to be a paper version of the test.

Our district is on a rotation basis to purchase textbooks and supplemental materials beyond the required College Credit Plus textbook purchases. This year our district purchased many new English Language Art textbooks and materials and are piloting some supplemental language art materials at some elementary levels, as well.

The district has added many new wireless access points at the high school to improve the technology delivery. The district has added staff to the technology department to help manage all the new technology and online testing. We are looking to increase our curriculum supervision personnel to help oversee our testing achievement data and provide additional help to our instructional delivery process and involvement with our coordination in the Ohio Improvement process.

This Fall we will contract with the City of Greenville to provide us with two school resource officers. One will continue to be housed at the high school while the other will begin traveling to all elementary buildings and ultimately end up at the new K-8 facility when it opens. The SRO’s will assist us with safety and security, but also provide educational programming.

We look forward to our Advanced Manufacturing labs being used by our Career Tech program this year as well as some adult programming held in the evening coordinated by a joint agreement between Edison State and Greenville City Schools.

Please join me in welcoming the following new employees to the Greenville School District. We look forward to working with each of them in our educational delivery and are glad they have joined the Greenville School District team.

Stephanie Shafer – School Psychologist
John Lestinge – School Psychologist
Ryan Borowske – K-8 Resource Officer
Kristi Homan – CT – Marketing at the High School
Kathleen Kubander – English at the High School
Jessica Sommer – Family & Consumer Science at the High School
Dustin Yingst – Athletic Director
Tracy Andrews – English at the High School
Kyle Joseph – Athletic Support Services at the High School
Erin Eberwein – Assistant Principal Secretary at the High School
Derek Sumner – Intervention Specialist at the Junior High
Jinna Walters – Language Arts at the Junior High
Jon Tipton – Intervention Specialist at South School
Shelby Rehmert – Intervention Specialist at Woodland Primary
Kathy Unger – Bus Driver – Part Time
Andrew Grasty – Transportation Supervisor
Nichole Sommer – Enrollment Secretary at Memorial Hall

I invite everyone in the community to attend and support our students in the various extracurricular activities that take place throughout the school year. Your attendance is appreciated by the students and the school system.

Remember, the entire Greenville School faculty and staff is here to assist you – our students, parents and community. If we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact our principals or myself. I can be reached by phone at 937-548-3185. I can be reached by email at Let’s all work together to make 2016-2017 an outstanding school year and keep Greenville Schools a great place for students to learn and teachers to teach.

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