Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dr. Julia Bowlin to Host "Transitions & Transformations" Event at Montage

We all have time in our life when life shifts, things change, and we are forced to transform and grow mentally, physically, or spiritually. Thriving in the midst of change doesn’t have to be scary or fearful.

Change is here or coming, whether you are ready or not, so what if you could handle it with grace, confidence and ease and without all the stress?

Maybe you are divorced, widowed, retired, or empty nested? Possibly you are struggling with a job, education, or relationship shift?

What if there was a way to not only welcome change in your life, but also EMBRACE it?

There are strategies for making change more natural and acceptable so you can be more equipped to handle change when it comes.

You CAN feel better about the future, knowing you can accept and cope with change the right way and have a more positive outlook and stop dreading what’s around the corner in your life.

Perhaps the following bullet points will help.

  • Change is the normal process of life. Life is not possible without change.
  • It is human nature to resist change. Most of us like what is familiar and predictable.
  • As normal as change is, it is normal to resist it. You are not wrong, bad, or stubborn simply because you resist change.
  • It is common to fear the unknown.
  • Change can cause us to question our long held beliefs and values.
  • Moving through change can be uncomfortable and feel awkward, and is the only way to move forward.
  • Refusing to change does not mean that the world won’t change around you. Refusing to change means you’ll be left behind.
  • As harsh as this may sound, some of us resist change because we are lazy. We simply don’t want to invest our energy and time – we don’t want to commit to a new way of being.
  • And to end on a reassuring note, the ability to change, adapt and move forward often offers us new and wonderful opportunities beyond our imagination.

To learn more about coping with change and Dr. Julia Bowlin’s up and coming September live event on Transitions&Transformations go to and hit the events tab. You can also google search Julia Bowlin, M.D. Greenville Ohio and find her on EventBrite Greenville, Ohio. Thriving in the Midst of CHANGE.

September 20th, 2016 6-9PM
Location: Montage Café Greenville
Light Hors D’ourves and Cash Bar
Cost $20 per person

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