Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Museum to host October 31st “Last Monday” with a trip to the Movies

Remember the thrill of going to the movies in your youth. While my generation missed the golden age of film, I do remember as a child, what a treat it was to go to the movies. We hope it will be a treat for you too!

For our “Last Monday” of October, we are traveling back in time to October/November 1938. We are going to the movies! (Well maybe we should say we are going to recreate the movies). Settle down in your seat and let the lights dim. You are now being transported to the Versailles Movie Palace of old.

From a short reflection of the local Versailles Area autumn news in 1938 to an actual newsreel played in local theaters in 1938. This will be followed by a cartoon and then your feature film. The movie choices are two 1938 Academy Award Winning classics which you will vote for as you arrive. The choices are “You Can’t Take it with You” or “Robin Hood”. Both great movies and a tough choice for the audience!

Now we can’t go to the movies without a stop at the Concession Stand. It will be stocked with delicious old style soda, pop corn, and candies for your enjoyment, all complimentary, but of course we will be happy to take your donations!

The party starts at 1:00 on the dot. Stay as long as you can and forget the Halloween haunts and travel back with us for a treat to a wonderful age we don’t want to forget!

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