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As this election season goes on, it seems to me that this is getting more and more clear that our nation is so torn between the two major candidates that it is actually tearing at the very fabric of our nation. I do not remember any election where friends have fought and argued more about candidates they will support than this year. I have a good friend who is the most adamant never Trump’er on the planet!! Her Facebook posts usually end up with her in a very contentious conversation with a never Hillary supporter. I really like this woman, but to see how this election has affected her, and some of my other friends is frightening. Nobody needs to get that worked up over politics, it just isn’t worth the time, nor is it right to belittle someone else’s choice for President. That is what the country stands for, freedom of choice. So, let’s quit screaming at each other and just be happy in the fact that these two major candidates have stirred such emotion that this will probably be the largest turnout in a long, long time!

This election has brought about tremendous emotion from the electorate! I think it is pretty clear by now what has brought this about; the two candidates personality and lives: the predictable scandal, and the schizophrenic box of chocolates. Let me explain: Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill’s political lives have been surrounded by scandal. From her time on the Watergate committee (she was not fired from the committee by Jeffrey Zeifman, a democrat, but if he could have fired her he says he would have because she was dishonest and unethical), to the Rose law firm, to Whitewater, to her senate time, to suspicious deaths of friends who became enemies of her, to her stint as Secretary of State, thousands of erased e-mails, The Wikileaks e-mails detailing her and her parties inner workings and lies, contempt for people, treachery, and prejudices, and now the Clinton foundation. No other candidate that I know of is so despised by the people she worked with that they write books about what a miserable human being she is, instead of her accomplishments. For over 40 years it has been one scandal or investigation after another. The Clinton’s are always on the edge of wrongdoing, or good enough not to get caught, take your choice. The woman is 69 years old this year, and one thing we know is that tigers don’t change their stripes! There is no way on God’s green earth if she is elected, things will change. Sorry, but the track record is there. Scandals, suspicious deaths and criminal investigations follow her. Now before all you Hillary supporters start screaming that she has never been convicted just remember, Al Capone was hunted for years before his tax evasion charge stuck, so if she keeps playing with fire, she will eventually get burnt, she has too many enemies to survive forever, and I believe the Wikileaks e-mails will do her in. This we can count on, her dishonesty, unethical practices, contempt for people, and her scandals will continue, SHE IS THE PREDICTABLE SCANDAL!

On the other hand, you have “The Donald.” One minute he is a babbling, womanizing, vulgar, double talking “Everything I do is Great!” loudmouth braggert, and the next moment, one of the most lucid, nice, and smart business men you can find. His business practices in some cases are questionable, his alleged treatment of sub- contractors is abhorrent. In others eyes he is above board and treats people wonderfully! Huh? Which is it? He absolutely loves the limelight, telling you how his businesses and golf courses are the best in the world, and nobody else could do what he has done. Only “The Donald” can build buildings and golf courses? Really? He is a Billionaire who is a very smart business man, but yet, he has been bankrupt 4 times and left others holding the bag! Other times his kindness toward others less fortunate is so low key that you don’t find out about it until years later. He knows ISIS better than the Generals and tells them so. However, a huge amount of General’s support him. Go Figure? He doesn’t care for John McCain because he got captured, but goes out of his way for other service personnel who were. No, he doesn’t hold a grudge at all, does he?! He says he could shoot someone and not lose any votes! That sounds sane, doesn’t it? He alone has all the answers, but yet, he promises to surround himself with smart people, to make great decisions for him, for answers he says he already knows! He has threatened to use nuclear weapons against our enemies, and yet says Putin is a great leader and he respects him! How scary is that!? He has an immigration plan that has many Latinos, and Mexicans, allegedly, up in arms and ready to riot because he is a bigot. He is going to get Mexico to build a wall they absolutely say they will not build on their border. On the other hand, in his 30 plus years in the limelight, no one ever called him a bigot until he ran for the Presidency. Which is it? What he says and what he does do not always jive together. What do you believe? Does he really want to be President, or does he just want the attention? He is a complete egomaniac, but those close to him say he really does care about others. You just never know with him. He is the SCHIZOPHRENIC BOX OF CHOCOLATES of politics; you never know what you will get with him until you take the bite; sometimes it’s chocolate filled, (yeah!!), sometimes its toffee filled (I hate toffee!)

So, there it is, our major choices, a predictable scandal ridden President, or a candidate you have no idea what he is going to do or say, the schizophrenic box of chocolates. Which do you take? Heck of a decision, really. If you like order and scandal ridden predictability in your life, no matter how bad the scandal, Hillary is your choice. If you like living dangerously, and you only have a 50% chance of doing the right thing for the country, Donald Trump is your choice. It’s your call America, good luck!!

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