Monday, October 17, 2016

Versailles Area Museum Looking for Items

It will soon be time for your Versailles Area Museum to begin its display changes for the Winter season. We always appreciate your help when creating displays. We are currently looking for old pictures of the area villages and homes at Christmas time or winter snows. If we can copy your old pictures for our “On the Street Where You Live” display we’d be thrilled. We are also looking for a few vintage St. Nicholas & Christmas decorations. For our Christmas displays we are also looking for textiles, winter items from years ago. Hats, fur muffs, scarves, mittens, blankets from the sleigh, bells, horse decorations and blankets, outdoor winter toys and games, and items from the winter barn yard.

We are also looking for branches of pine, cedar and berries, and pine cones. Most of these items will be needed twice. The first group is needed for the second week in November and then again on the second week in December, as greens tends to dry out.

For February we are looking for a rope bed, a antique 1800’s bed, feather or tick mattresses, old quilts and other bed & bath accessories (commodes, pitcher & basins, lye soap, antique sheets & bed linens) Also needing a cradle or two.

Planning ahead to next May we are looking for Civic organizations items to pay tribute to their contribution along with antique Wedding items to be on display through the summer of 2016, so now you can start your search!

We are also looking for 1902 (post fire) or later, pictures of old businesses as to do a then & now display. These photos can come any time soon to the museum.

If you are able to help out with one or more of our items, please contact the museum at 937-526-4222 and leave a message. We will gladly get back to you. Our thanks for your continuing support!

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