Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 General Election Results for Darke County

Results from today's election have been posted on the Board of Elections website (click here to view full results for all county issues).

Remember: this is just the results among Darke County voters only.

County Winners are bolded.

President & Vice President # of Votes
Hillary Clinton 3512
Richard Duncan 95
Gary Johnson 469
Jill Stein 101
Donald J. Trump 14656
Write-in Votes 147
US Senator
Tom Connors 262
Joseph R. DeMare 189
Rob Portman 15104
Scott Rupert 308
Ted Strickland 2692
Write-in Votes 7
Representative to Congress 8th District
Warren Davidson 13919
Steven Fought 3062
Derrick J. Hendricks 649
State Representative 84th District
Keith Faber 9579
Ed Huff, Jr. 2833
County Commissioner (1-2-17 Term)
Matthew Aultman 13575
Leon Rogers 4068
Prosecuting Attorney
R. Kelly Ormsby, III 12381
David A. Rohrer 4915

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