Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Annual Induction of Lineage Society Members

Pictured (l to r) are lineage committee members and inductees, Brenda Arnett, Diane Brittenham, Mary, John & David Neff, Nita Allread, Nancy Stump, and Shirley Hughes
During the November, 2016 meeting of the Darke County Genealogical Society the annual induction of the descendants into the Lineage Families of Darke County, Ohio was held.

Inducted this year were Nita Allread, John Neff, Mary Louise Neff, and David Neff. Note: the year in parentheses is the year residence has been proven for Darke County.

The ancestors inducted into the Lineage Society are representative of those who settled our county in the 1800s. They include farmers and craftsmen who came in search of a better life with new opportunities. Birthdates cover over a century from 1794 to 1903. As always most proof is from birth, marriage, and death records but census records and wills were also used to prove residency in Darke County.

Nita Allread chose to honor three branches of her family. The Wandle family’s matriarch was German born Christina Barbara Kaut Wandle (1890) whose husband died in the Battle of Nashville, December, 1864. The other members of the family group are her son, Emanuel G. Wandle (1876), his spouse, Elizabeth Sease Wandle (1860) and their daughter and son-in-law, Esther D. Wandle (1896) and Alpha C. (1897) Lutz. The Lutz family lived in Monroe Twp. and included Jacob Lutz (1870) and his wife, Rebecca Ditmer Lutz (1870) and their son and his spouse, Franklin B.(1870) and Lillie B. Williamson (1900) Lutz. The third family branch is Abraham Sease (1850) and his wife, Margaret Baker Sease (1850).
The Neff family chose to honor several branches on both sides of the family. From John Neff’s side are John W. Neff (1870) and wife, Elizabeth Bowser Neff (1870), and their son’s family, George W. Neff (1880), Mary C. Crowell Neff (1880) and Joseph P. Neff (1903). Mary’s family traces back to John Orris (1877), an √©migr√© from Russia, through his daughter, Catharine Orris Risser (1852), her husband, Joseph Risser(1852), and their daughter and her husband, Anna Risser (1860) and William (1877) Crowell.

From Mary Neff’s side are the Fryman family, Jacob Fryman (1850) and Catharine Ditmer Fryman (1850), George Fryman (1851) and spouse, Lydia Flory Fryman (1860), and their child, Calvin O. Fryman (1889) and his wife, Sylvia E. Heller Fryman (1891). The Flory line is represented by Emanuel Flory (1830) who came to Darke County as a minister to the Palestine area and his son and spouse, Benjamin (1860) and Mary Ann Spitler (1860) Flory. The Heller family is found in Franklin Twp. with patriarch, Henry D. Heller (1850) and his wife, Martha M. Earhart Heller (1850) and their son and his spouse, Henry E. (1862) and Martha S. Rife (1862) Heller. Martha’s parents were shoemaker, John J. (1900) and Anna Paul (1900) Rife.

The Lineage Families of Darke County, Ohio is open to persons who are members of the DCGS and who can successfully prove in the application process ancestors who were residents of Darke County. The specific categories are Pioneer Families (resident by 31 December 1830), First Families (resident of Darke County by 31 December 1850), Civil War Ancestors (Darke County resident who served in the Civil War, 1861-1865) and Century Ancestors (resident of Darke County from 01 January 1851 to present date minus 100 years).

Applications and a list of fees may be obtained at the Darke County Research Center located in Garst Museum in Greenville. The research center’s staff may be contacted at 937-548-5250.

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