Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mississinawa Valley- MVCTC FFA Hosts Meals on Wheels

by Shaiann Livingston, Reporter

FFA members, Dalton Marker and Brenden King, visited farmer,
Jim Hanes, during the Meals on Wheels event.
During the spring officer retreat, the 2016/2017 FFA officer team decided it was time to give back to their local farmers. The farmers in the Mississinawa Valley School District are constantly showing their support of the Mississinawa Valley- MVCTC FFA chapter and are the economic drive for the community.

Officer, Sidnie Hunt, led the Meals on Wheels event. She came up with the idea by talking with her father, Wade Hunt, who farms for a living. Officer, Blake Scholl, was also a valuable part of the preparation for this event because of his experiences working on his family farm.

To show their gratitude, FFA members spent one morning packaging 100 meals that consisted of hot ham and cheese sandwiches, a bag of chips, a bottle of water, and a snickers bar. All of the food items were donated on behalf of Morning Fresh Foods Inc, Pak a Sak, and Marsh Mainstreet Market. Senior officers, Kelsie Hunt, Shelby Manning, Tom Schmitz, and Shaiann Livingston and alumni members drove around for two hours delivering those meals to farmers in the area. At the fields, the FFA members were used as “runners” to take the meals from the vehicles to the farmers. The runners included: Leah Scholl, Emily Scholl, Blake Scholl, Sidnie Hunt, Emily Schmitz, Brenden King, Cody Dirksen, Dalton Marker, and Max Dirmeyer. The Mississinawa Valley- MVCTC Agriculture Program is a satellite of Miami Valley Career Technology Center. The chapter sends huge appreciations to the famers in the community for their efforts.

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