Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mississinawa Valley- MVCTC FFA Hosts 47th Annual Fall Fair

by Shaiann Livingston, Reporter

The Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA chapter held their 47th annual Fall Fair on October 6th, 2016. There was a great interest in the chicken and ham dinners this year, and the chapter sold over 1600 dinners! Each meal consisted of a chicken half or 2 slices of ham, applesauce, green beans, a roll, a drink and pie. The meal is prepared entirely by the student members of the chapter along with some help from the Mississinawa Valley Cafeteria Staff and former FFA member, Jeff Keller. Every year, the chapter works hard to make their Fall Fair a success.

Like in years past, each FFA member brought in a minimum of 4 exhibits that were judged and displayed in the Ag shop for the community to come and check out. The different categories of items included: hay, grain, flowers, eggs, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and shop items. The most points earned in each category were awarded as follows: Shop: Cody Dirksen and Dalton Marker, Flowers: Max Dirmeyer, Baked Goods: Daisy Brim, Vegetables: Taylor Stachler, Grain/Hay: Taylor Stachler, Fruit: Grant Stachler, Eggs: Dalton Marker, Canned Goods: Daisy Brim, and the overall winners were 1st place Taylor Stachler, 2nd place tie Daisy Brim and Grant Stachler, and 3rd place Madison Stachler.

Many of our dedicated community members come out each year during the day and help judge our Fall Fair items. The judges included: John Guttadore who judged shop, Aislinn Miller, Hope Jankowski and Susie Francis who judged baked goods Sara Stocksdale who judged flowers, Paul Armstrong who judged vegetables and fruit, Erma Stump who judged eggs and canned goods, Emily Swartz who judged the grain and hay classes, and Sara Stocksdale who judged painted and carved pumpkins. The MV FFA would like to thank all of the judges for spending their time helping us out and making our Fall Fair possible every year!

Also, a special thank you to all of the members whom without all of your hard work and participation we would not be able to hold this event! Also a big thank you goes out to our local Marsh grocery store for donating bags and Cal Maine for donating boxes. The Mississinawa Valley FFA is very proud of the successful event we had this year and is looking forward to the many other events we have planned. The Mississinawa Valley- MVCTC Agriculture Program is a satellite of Miami Valley Career Technology Center.

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