Wednesday, November 30, 2016

TASKS, Inc. Partners with VHS

Effective with the graduating class of 2018, all graduating seniors in the state of Ohio must be trained in CPR and AED use. Although Versailles High School has taught CPR and AED use in sophomore health classes for several years, the majority of the training equipment being used was worn out and beyond its useful life. With the help of TASKS, Inc., VHS was able to purchase new training aids to be used with all sophomore health classes to meet the graduation requirement, as well as all 8th grade health classes as an orientation to CPR and AED use. Included in the recent purchase was 6 adult mannequins, 1 child mannequin, 6 infant mannequins, and 5 AED trainers. The mannequins purchased provide immediate digital feedback regarding rate and depth of compressions being performed by the students. The AEDs are fully automated with voice prompts and a metronome to assist students with maintaining the proper rate of compressions. With each class containing 20-24 students, these advanced training aids will greatly assist VHS with teaching students this important life-saving skill.

The picture above shows Scott Garrison of TASKS, Inc. presenting a check to Versailles school nurse Tracy Cordonnier. Also pictured are TASKS board members Brian Griesdorn and Dan Watren, as well as Superintendent Aaron Moran.

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